June 26, 2013 Articles

Guidance to Young Lawyers as They Enter the Cloud

By David L. Schwan

In the olden days of document storage and management (i.e., before the 1990s), law firms and corporations could confidently identify the location of their documents. These files were kept either onsite in file cabinets and desk drawers, or in offsite storage. And even with the advent of computers and word processing in the 1980s, electronic documents rarely migrated beyond local computer hard drives and servers. This high level of geographic determinacy receded in the 1990s, however, as interconnected computer networks gave users the ability to access documents and software stored in geographically remote locations. For example, a virtual privacy network (VPN) allowed a remote employee to access his or her employer’s workplace network, all from the comfort of his or her home or other offsite location.

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