November 13, 2013 Articles

Increasing Your Firm Profile: Practical Tips for Young Lawyers

By David L. Schwan

Fall has arrived, cold weather is around the corner, and thousands of new lawyers have begun working at firms across the country as they (anxiously) await their bar results. Over the past seven years of my practice, I have received a great deal of good advice that I wanted to synthesize and share with young lawyers who are beginning to navigate firm life. My goal is not to answer every particular question, but rather to provide a broad overview of how a new lawyer can set himself or herself apart from the pack. Keep in mind that these are general tips, and it is up to each of you to take this advice and apply it to your own circumstances, making it clear to partners and senior associates that you want to advance your career on many levels.

With that goal in mind, my advice can be divided into four categories, three of which correspond with litigation phases: (1) discovery, (2) pretrial, (3) trial, and (4) beyond trial.

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