February 28, 2013 Articles

Make Sure Your Expert Speaks Our Language

By Timothy S. Tomasik and Jordan Lebovitz

Effective expert witnesses that consistently provide compelling opinion testimony that persuades juries all share a common trait. They understand the elements of the foundational questions that are required to introduce into evidence their testimony explaining their investigations and conclusions to a jury. By the same measure, qualified trial counsel must instruct retained expert witnesses as to the required elements for all demonstrative and visual evidence used at trial.

Demonstrative evidence not only enhances your position in the courtroom, but it also allows the members of the jury to visualize what the witness is testifying about. In jury trials today, it can be the lynchpin in securing that multi-million-dollar or not-liable verdict. It is this type of evidence that allows the juror to take an expert witness’s often technical terminology and apply it to images, diagrams, and computer-generated animations.

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