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Ninth Circuit Approves Nationwide Class Action Settlement

By Pravin R. Patel – July 3, 2019 | The court approved the settlement despite objectors’ contentions that variations in state law precluded predominance finding.

Defendants in Complex Case Accuse Plaintiffs' Counsel of "Serious Abuse"

By Fritz Metzinger – July 3, 2019 | In a case involving experiments by the U.S. government on citizens of another nation, defendants accused opposing counsel of failing to reasonably investigate their claims and doctoring and withholding evidence.

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Searching for “Clear Evidence” in the Wake of Albrecht

By Elie Biel – July 23, 2019 | The ruling failed to provide the degree of clarity that many in the industry had hoped for.

If It Walks Like a Duck: State Consumer Protection Act Litigation Following Product Liability Cases

By Kasey M. Adams – July 23, 2019 | Various state attorneys general have filed what are essentially mass tort personal injury claims on behalf of an entire state under the guise of “consumer protection.”

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Mindfulness and Mental Health Tips for Lawyers in 2019

This Sound Advice covers five simple ways to improve your mental health as a practicing attorney, with specific tips centered around the benefits of mindfulness, the buzzword of our day. (11:52 min)

To Climb or Not to Climb

This Sound Advice discusses business development tips and tricks for young lawyers—how to "put yourself out there" without being a nuisance. (10:30 min)

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