Practice Points

Keep Calm and Carry on the Deposition

By Brian P. Cadigan – January 30, 2019 | Excessively aggressive litigation can ultimately cause one’s client more harm than good.

Remediation, Damages, and Expert Evidence in Environmental Torts

By Cheryl Woodlin and Alexander Payne – January 30, 2019 | Timing in environmental torts cases is critical. Attorneys should always pay careful attention to the point in time at which an expert appraiser has quantified losses.


Oh Expert, Where Art Thou?

By Peter A. Meyer and Eldin Hasic – November 1, 2018 | A 52-jurisdiction survey on expert testimony requirements in drug and medical device litigation.

How Plaintiffs Can Adjust to the Supreme Court Decision on Jurisdiction in BMS

By Paul D. Rheingold, assisted by Camila Lopez – October 24, 2018 | There are cogent arguments that class action plaintiffs can make to avoid having the Bristol-Myers Squibb decision apply to their cases.


Six Tips for Effective Communication with In-House Counsel

David Schwan, an in-house attorney for 4 years, shares his thoughts on six strategies for improving your communication with in-house counsel through efficient yet valuable means for your client's legal and business needs. (12:17 min.)

Pro Bono Tips

This is a short segment meant to provide young attorneys with some tips for handling their first pro bono matter. (8:46 min)

Mass Torts Litigation

Learn how to get involved with the Mass Torts committee and maximize your Section membership!