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Failure to Implement Safety Technologies Raises Design Defect Claim

By David Elman and Samantha Bonanno – April 6, 2021 | Design defect class action on behalf of mass shooting victims allowed to proceed against American gun manufacturer in Canada.


Don’t Show Up Empty-Handed When Using the “Empty Chair” Defense

By Joshua F. Kahn and Daniel L. Adamson – Febuary 4, 2021 | The Maryland high court joins several other jurisdictions that require a defendant in complex cases to present expert testimony to generate a jury question as to the fault of a nonparty.

The Swine Flu Litigation

By Paul D. Rheingold and Clifford J. Shoemaker – December 7, 2020 | The United States is currently on the verge of a national vaccination program for COVID-19. But the last time the country ran a program to immunize every American, in 1976, a very serious side effect began to appear.

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Tips for Transitioning In-House or to the Government During a Pandemic

By Amber Grayhorse and Natassia Kwan – April 1, 2021 | In this Sound Advice, Amber Grayhorse (Senior Employment Counsel at Snap Inc.) and Natassia Kwan (Deputy City Attorney for City & County of San Francisco) present some tips and advice for the audience regarding transitioning into an in-house role or to the government while working remotely and during a pandemic. They discuss what led them to their current positions and challenges faced during the transition to their new roles. Lastly, they touch on the progress and optimism they have for diversity in the legal profession. (14:43 min)

Tips for Selecting Diverse Neutrals

By Ebony Morris and Rebekah Ratliff – March 26, 2021 | In this Sound Advice, Ebony Morris and Rebekah Ratliff will provide tips on selecting diverse neutrals in complex litigation matters. (10:19 min)

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