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Five Tips for Litigators: Collecting Plaintiffs’ Social Media

By Sarah Carrier, William F. Kiniry III, and Rachel A.H. Horton – July 24, 2023 | A few ways to help you conduct the most effective opposition research possible—in fair and ethical ways.

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“At Home” Demolition: Opening the Floodgates of Forum Shopping

By Cohl K. Love – July 24, 2023 | A recent Supreme Court ruling against Norfolk Southern Railroad Company confirms the prediction that jurisdiction has changed for good.

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Practice Points

The Illusion of Explanatory Depth and the Presentation of Expert Evidence

By Mary Catherine Way and Lauren Grinder – September 12, 2023 | Three practical ways to combat the IOED as you consider the presentation of complex expert scientific or medical evidence to a jury.

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Sound Advice

Government Contractor Defense Developments

By Paul V. Majkowski – January 31, 2023 | Program highlights new GCD case law including federal officer removal and manufacturer disclosure requirements. (13:32 min)

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Tips for Young Lawyers in Oral Advocacy

By Kasey Adams – November 8, 2022 | Join us as we reveal information learned from interviewing attorneys regarding road blocks to pro bono work, how to get around those road blocks, and why it is so important. (9:50 min)

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