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It’s with the Jury Now! Jury Determine Intent to Deprive a Party of Evidence

By Brian P. Cadigan – November 4, 2019 | Even non-parties can have a duty to preserve evidence in pending or future litigation, and the question of intent can be an issue for the jury.


Trends in Selection of Transferee Court in Product Liability Multidistrict Litigation

By Tori Langton – October 24, 2019 | Among the factors cited by the JPML in selecting a transferee forum, one stands out as having gained importance to the panel in recent years: the transferee judge.

Outbreak of Severe Pulmonary Disease Linked to E-Cigarette Use: The Makings of a Mass Tort?

By Brendan H. Fitzpatrick and Jessica P. Butkera – October 24, 2019 | With the public being advised to stop vaping altogether, and the federal government and several states contemplating outright bans of flavored e-cigarettes, the recipe for mass tort litigation is taking shape.

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Personal versus Professional Ethics

In this Sound Advice, Kasey Adams poses several questions of the listener regarding ethical requirements in the practice of law, specifically assessing Personal Ethics versus Professional Ethics - and whether they are, or should be, the same. (12:59 min)

Tips for Client Relations

In this Sound Advice, Edward Gaus will provide insight and tips to help aid young lawyers in navigating the world of client relations. (9:02 min)

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Mass Torts Litigation

Learn how to get involved with the Mass Torts committee and maximize your Section membership!