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Sound Advice

An Interview with Transgender Lawyer and Activist Joanne Wheeler Bland: Part 2
Joanne Wheeler Bland discusses the public turn her coming out story took after interviews with her were published in the newspaper, the role she assumed as spokesperson for the trans community and a guide and counselor to other trans persons, and how her career changed. (20:02 min)

An Interview with Transgender Lawyer and Activist Joanne Wheeler Bland: Part 1
Joanne Wheeler Bland discusses coming out as transgender in the midst of a busy law practice in Kentucky, and how she handled her relationships with judges, opposing counsel, and clients. (22:34 min)

Being a Successful Out Attorney
By Gerald L. Shoemaker, Jr.
This Sound Advice focuses on the various ways LGBTQ attorneys can use diversity as a positive in practice and life. (7:33 min)

Diversity: Translating Talk into Action
This Sound Advice focuses on the various ways LGBTQ attorneys can use diversity as a positive in practice and life. (7:59)


The Bounds of Sex: The Supreme Court's Review Next Term of Title VII's Breadth
On April 22, the Supreme Court accepted review of three cases that present the issue of whether the prohibition of employment discrimination on account of sex under Title VII extends to sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

In honor of Pride Month, Joshua Matz, Counsel at Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP, a former law clerk to Justice Kennedy and Supreme Court practitioner; joined by a Cory Struble, an associate at Quinn Emanuel, who is a litigator and has been involved Title VII litigation raising this issue; and Jocelyn Samuels, the Executive Director of the Williams Institute at UCLA Law School, a premier LGBTQ think tank, will discuss the impact of such discrimination on workers, strategies to appeal to the Justices, potential outcomes and their impact on litigation strategies to protect LGBTQ workers and to pursue other LGBTQ rights protections. The Roundtable will be moderated by MC Sungaila, a partner at Haynes & Boone and appellate practitioner. (1 hr)

When Facts and Feelings Compete over Transgender Rights: Legislation, Litigation and the Ballot
Activists and supporters of transgender rights have seen an upsurge in opposing rhetoric about privacy and safety concerns in public restrooms. A recent study has shown that such concerns are unfounded and that crime in such spaces is unrelated to nondiscrimination laws. Nevertheless, facts and public opinion can interplay in complex ways when dealing with controversial issues. Come join a discussion with the lead researcher on the study, a leading litigator on transgender rights, and the president of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition on legislation, litigation and an upcoming ballot measure to repeal a statewide nondiscrimination law. (51:31 min)

Understanding and Addressing Unconscious Bias
Unconscious bias is a major problem within the legal profession, hurting diversity and reducing opportunities for and retention of diverse lawyers. According to a recent survey of lawyers by Bloomberg Law, unconscious bias was ranked the #1 challenge to advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. How does it work? How can you spot it? What can you do about it? Join our panel of experts in the field to better understand and learn strategies for confronting unconscious bias. (60:44 min.)

Toolbox of Success: Is Diversity in Your Toolbox?
Join us for a discussion with lawyers of diverse backgrounds who each have faced these challenges and harnessed their diversity as the strength that it is to empower their success and build a pipeline for others. They will identify practical tools any lawyer can use to take his or her career to the next level. (1:08:24 min.)

At the Crossroads of the LGBTQ and the Civil Rights Movements
At a time when civil rights are capturing significant media attention, it is important to learn from past lessons and think about how to move forward in ways that benefit multiple groups. (1:00:11 min.)