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Our mission is twofold:

First, we offer programming, publications, and a forum to discuss and learn about cutting-edge litigation and other legal developments affecting the LGBT community. We partner with groups across the ABA and country and work to keep our members informed. Topics include same-sex marriage litigation, school bullying, transgender developments, same-sex adoptions, implicit bias issues in selecting a jury and much more.

Second, we provide a forum for our members to network and to discuss the unique issues that LGBT litigators and allies face. We also work with other ABA groups to support policy statements promoting full equality for LGBT persons and provide ample networking opportunities.

By joining our committee, you will receive our newsletter, LGBT Litigator, which provides updates on legal developments and valuable practical tips on all fronts. You will also receive periodic emails from the Committee with case notes, information on programs, and networking opportunities, and information on how to get involved. You will also receive advance notice of roundtables and CLE programming sponsored by the Committee.

Membership in our committee is open to all members of the Section of Litigation, whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. We hope that you will join us and that we will see you at an upcoming event.

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Message from the Chairs

As the chairs of the LGBT Law and Litigator Committee, we welcome you! The 2018–2019 year is off to a pretty amazing start!

We are pleased to announce that the second annual LGBT Forum will be taking place in 2019. The inaugural forum took place in May 2017 in San Franciso and it was a huge success. We had over 200 registrants, amazing speakers such as Governor Howard Dean, Tina Tchen and very successful networking cocktail party that all enjoyed. The forum consisted of two days of intense programming focusing on business development, the legal landscape and how it has changed and even practical tips on how to better yourself as an attorney. There is no doubt the second annual forum to occur in 2019 will be even more successful and the LGBT Law and Litigator Committee will continue to play a major role. We would love for you to become an active member of our committee so you can also be a major part of this important event!

We are hoping as members of the committee you will want to help us in continuing to cultivate programs and business opportunities for the LGBT legal community. There are so many ways you can become involved.

The LGBT Litigator Committee is divided into various substantive and administrative subcommittees that are designed to address issues and trends specific to the areas in which our members practice. Currently, the subcommittee structure includes:

• Programming
• Newsletter
• Web Editor
• Membership

We encourage all members to become actively involved in the work of the subcommittees. For the committee to be productive, we need to get as many people involved as possible. Please review the list of our subcommittees, and feel free to contact the subcommittee chairs directly if you want to become involved. We are also actively seeking out a member who is interested in becoming a book editor. This is a fantastic way to become actively involved not only in the committee but in the Section! 

Substantive Content and Programming
The LGBT Law and Litigator Committee provides members with timely and thoughtful information and analysis regarding current and emergent issues through the committee's annual review, web page, periodic electronic alerts and other communications, and in-person and roundtable programming. The newsletter, for example, is a great way for committee members to submit articles for potential publication. In addition, we are seeking proposals for Roundtable programs and members to provide articles, links, cases, and hot tips for publication on the committee's website.

Many members enjoy the opportunity to network with litigators nationwide through subcommittee work, attendance at the Section Annual Conference and the ABA Annual Meeting and through mentor relationships. We hope to have a social/networking breakfast or lunch meeting at the Section Annual Conference this coming year. Please be on the lookout for more information about the social/networking opportunities.

Leadership Opportunities
We are always looking for talented and dedicated members who want to play an important role in the committee’s work through service on a subcommittee. If you are interested in becoming more active in the committee, please email Carl Frazier-Sparks or Michal Rogson and we will help you find the best way to get involved.

Throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact us with ideas about how the committee can meet your individual expectations. We promise to do our best to ensure that 2018–2019 is an exciting and fulfilling year for LGBT Law and Litigator Committee and its members.

Best Regards,

Carl Frazier-Sparks and Michal Rogson
Cochairs, LGBT Litigator Committee


Our active subcommittees include:

• Programming
• Newsletter
• Web Editor
• Membership

Committee Leadership


Michal Rogson
Tokio Marine HCC Surety Group
Los Angeles, CA


Carl Frazier-Sparks
Walmart, Inc.
Bentonville, AK


Nick Kacprowski
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
Honolulu, HI