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Judicial Intern Opportunity Program


In-depth analysis and practical advice on topics relevant to your practice and career. Find all of the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program's articles in this archive.


Tips on Professionalism for Budding Gen Z Law Students from a Gen Z Attorney
By Zehra Jafri – June 26, 2023
Thoughts about perception as it relates to intergenerational differences and how to combat the snap judgments some may inevitably have of us as young attorneys.

Four Factors for Evaluating Law Schools Besides Rankings
By Alvaro Cure Dominguez – June 26, 2023
A new law school grad offers insight about courses, collaboration opportunities, and other things he wished he knew.

Take the “Me” Out of Mentorship
By Dorlin Armijo – June 26, 2023
While not a one-size-fits-all approach, the few tips below may be helpful in finding a mentor and maintaining the mentoring relationship.

Alumni Spotlight with Josephine M. Bahn
June 26, 2023
Josephine M. Bahn was a judicial intern with the Honorable Fernando J. Gaitan Jr. of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Take the “Me” Out of Mentorship
By Dorlin Armijo – June 26, 2023
While not a one-size-fits-all approach, the few tips below may be helpful in finding a mentor and maintaining the mentoring relationship.


Reflecting on a Unique “Boot Camp” Internship Opportunity Program with a JIOP Alumnus
By Ibrahim Ahmed Ijaz and Murad Ali Bhatti – November 17, 2022
In 2015, Judge Zuberi Bakari Williams was sworn in as one of the youngest judges in the history of the District Court of Maryland.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight with Janea Hawkins
By Lillie Graham – November 17, 2022
Janea Hawkins was a JIOP intern with Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Keys to Client Relations
By Rashida I. Sims – November 17, 2022
Even seasoned attorneys can experience challenges when trying to balance the practical needs of legal work with the needs and wants of their clients.

Reasons to Consider Public Interest Work
By Erickson Saye – November 17, 2022
This area of law can offer what money can’t buy: life purpose, doing work that allows you to sleep at night, and a reason to wake up excited to go to work every day.

Tips for Success in a Judge's Chambers
By Ben Hogen – November 17, 2022
Get to know the courtroom staff, always communicate with the judge, and ask yourself each day, “What do I want?”

How Much Does Law School Prepare You to Practice?
By Derrick S. Gaiter – May 26, 2022
Becoming a lawyer is a learned calling. Law school will clarify what that means through experience.

Compliance or Practice?
By Paige Bostic – May 26, 2022
Three tips to help you decide which career is right for you.

What to Learn from Virtual Law School
By Sarah Dixon-Morgan – May 26, 2022
Five things to pay attention to and learn while attending classes and events remotely.

Alumni Spotlight with Natassia Kwan
By Rachael Wilson – May 26, 2022
This 2011 JIOP alum always knew that she wanted to become an attorney, and JIOP helped open her eyes to how she could ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and to the possibilities in her legal career, both inside and outside the courtroom.

I Graduated Law School! Now What?
By Dorlin Armijo – February 17, 2022
How to use your new skills in the practice of law.

Reflections (and a Few Tips!) On Studying International Law Abroad
By Seth Usifo Nwosu – February 17, 2022
One young legal consultant hopes to inspire today's law students to expand their understanding of the practice of law around the globe.

A Roadmap to Making Law Review
By Brian M. King – February 17, 2022
Three components of the law review admissions that can help demystify the process.

“Discover Who You Are and Who You Want to Be”
By Dalia D. Labrador – February 17, 2022
An interview with JIOP alum Janette Corral, Commissioner for the Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County.

An Interview with JIOP Alum Judy He
By Josephine Bahn – February 17, 2022
Judy is an associate with Haynes Boone, working in intellectual property litigation and currently serves as a cochair for the Litigation Section's Pro Bono Task Force. Here, she gives a few thoughts on her experience in law school and as a judicial intern.



To Going First
By Danielle Hall and David Jessup, Jr. – March 3, 2021
An interview with the founders of FirstGen5, a platform that provides tips, resources, and community for first-generation law school students.

An Argument for Empathy in Workplace Investigations
By Faisal Akhter – March 3, 2021
The importance of empathy in investigations to both employees and employers, and how your investigations develop company culture.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Amber Leong
By the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program – March 3, 2021
A first-generation attorney provides her take on attending law school, practicing law, and clerking for a judge through JIOP during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Five Tips for Staying Focused in the Midst of a Pandemic and Social Unrest
By Autumn H. James – December 1, 2020
These are devastating times, but we need not let the times dominate our lives.

Tips for Navigating the Pro Bono Waters
By Vanessa Offutt and Antar Vaughan – December 1, 2020
Providing pro bono representation is one of the most fulfilling ways to use one’s law degree to help those in true need.

Lessons, Challenges, and Advice for Transferring Between Law Schools
By Angel Lockhart and Sandhya Taneja – December 1, 2020
Two successful transferees provide insight into the transfer process and share advice for those seeking to transfer between law schools in the future.

Book Review: A Guide for Minority Law School Candidates by Oliver Enrique Rodriguez
By Sahng-Ah Yoo – December 1, 2020
While this book alone is not enough to take any prospective law student from start to finish, it is a good first introduction for anyone who wants the general contours of the path to law school and its typical obstacles.

Five Alternative Legal Careers Beyond Courtrooms and Conventional Clients
By Rachel Scarafia – August 24, 2020
Law students may want to consider a career as a government attorney, law teacher, legal consultant, human resources professional, or in-house counsel.

Ten Tips for Preparing for the Bar Exam
By Brazitte A. Poole – August 24, 2020
The key is to have a plan in place to guide exam preparation.

The Law Student and Judicial Intern Experience in the Time of COVID-19
By Kristen Chang – August 24, 2020
An interview with a rising 2L matriculating into the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law while interning at the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Judge Andrew Bain
By Shanisha Y. Smith – August 24, 2020
The JIOP alum was recently appointed to the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida.

Top Tips for Mental and Emotional Well-Being While in Law School
By Angela Nieves – February 10, 2020
Stay grounded, set your schedule and boundaries, stay connected, and be good to yourself.

Four Tips for Interviewing Like a Pro
By Thompson Du – February 10, 2020
Be observant, set the climate, do some preliminary research on the interviewer, and know what you want to say about yourself.

Novel Applications and Original Meaning: Bostock and Gay Rights under Title VII
By Stephen R. Arroyo – February 10, 2020
Can courts read meaning into a particular term or phrase that, while consistent with its original meaning, contradicts the likely intent of the enacting lawmakers?

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Lisette S. Washington
By Harmony Gbe – February 10, 2020
A program alum discusses how her judicial internship gave her useful career building blocks and what she would say to law school graduates interested in working in the public sector.


Top Five Reasons to Volunteer with JIOP
By Lisa Bivens – November 21, 2019
Through 20 years of dedicated collaboration, JIOP organizers, volunteers, donors, and alumni have built a community of legal minds dedicated to improving the state of diversity in law.

Buckeye on the Prize: Justin Fields and the Evolution of NCAA Transfers
By Dustin Osborne – November 21, 2019
The facts particular to the quarterback prospect's situation provide additional insight into the new NCAA Transfer Guidelines and the growing trend of abolishing the “one-year” rule altogether.

The Ethics of Accepting Cryptocurrency as a Payment
By Nika Gigashvili – November 21, 2019
How does payment in cryptocurrencies potentially implicate two ethical obligations for lawyers?

Tips for a Successful JIOP Applicant
By Cristian Lopez – November 21, 2019
A program alum offers advice on how students should prepare and apply for our internship program.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Marcos A. Tapia
By Ariana Dindiyal – November 21, 2019
A program alum shares how JIOP impacted his legal career development, from advocating for clients to leadership in Arizona’s Hispanic bar association.

Inside the Legal Profession
By Victor Li – Originally published by ABA Journal, September 2019
An ABA Journal exploration on what the industry looks like in 2019.

Four Tips for Mentees to Make the Most out of Mentoring
By Janea Hawkins – August 29, 2019
Mentoring is a two-way street.

Best Practices to Master Your First Deposition
By Faisal Akhter – August 29, 2019
Watch and learn, know your case and goal, have a conversation, and note objections and proceed.

"Belongingness" Is Important to Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
By Montrece McNeil Ransom – Originally published by ABA Journal, May 2019
Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion requires that we strive to nurture a sense of belonging in those who work, live, play, and worship alongside us in our shared spaces and communities.

Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard: Will the Case Sound the Death Knell for Affirmative Action?
By Daraja Carroll – August 29, 2019
Sixteen years after the Grutter decision, the Court is expected to decide the fate of affirmative action in admissions policies—what the justices will decide is anyone’s best guess.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Harmony R. Gbe
By Ariana Dindiyal – August 29, 2019
A program alum discusses her professional path as an attorney and offers insights about her experience in JIOP to benefit others who are considering or going through the program.

It’s Time to Get Real about Marijuana and Professional Sports: Part 2
By Joseph M. Hanna – June 13, 2019
Marijuana is likely to move from a fringe issue to a main-stage debate in sports law.

Where's My Share?: Inheritance Rights of Posthumous Children
By Alea Roberts – June 13, 2019
In the interest of public policy, courts should not require that the surviving parent comply with every element of the statute.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Kelly M. Matayoshi
By Ricky Flores – June 13, 2019
A Judicial Intern Opportunity Program alum discusses how the program helped her career and what she'd say to students undecided about applying for an internship.

ABA Journal: Are Law Firms Committed to Disability Diversity?
By Angela Morris – originally published October 24, 2018
A handful of firms have taken action.

It’s Time to Get Real about Marijuana and Professional Sports: Part 1
By Joseph M. Hanna – February 25, 2019
Calls to remove marijuana from the list of banned substances have become more frequent, and players are openly advocating for legalization.

How to Avoid the Top Three Pitfalls of ADR When Your Client Is a Non-English Speaker
By Hon. Zuberi Williams and Shreya Patel – February 25, 2019
Lawyers should be mindful about ADR, especially when a language barrier exists.

From Clerkship to Practice: Leaning on Your Clerkship to Avoid the Problems of Private Practice
By Hon. Zuberi Williams and Gabriela Chambi – February 25, 2019
Regardless of the reason you choose to clerk, how you leverage the lessons you learned post-clerkship is key to early success as an attorney.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Aaron G. Clay
By Cristina Henriquez – February 25, 2019
A program alum offers his insights and tips on how to excel as an intern and use the lessons learned in your future practice.

Does a Diverse Bench Really Matter?
By Ruthe Ashley – February 25, 2019
"Justice" has many factors that influence outcomes, and the lack of diversity on the bench can lead to unjust results.


Revenge Porn: How Tech Lawyers Are Helping Women
By Nova I. Levant – May 2, 2018
While the effects of revenge porn vary, the majority of victims experience extremely negative consequences. Learn how litigators in the tech industry are helping fight back.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Law: Challenges and Initiatives
By Allison E. Laffey and Allison Ng – May 2, 2018
The legal profession remains one of the least diverse of any profession. How can we change it?

Fact Witness Deposition Tips for Young Lawyers
By Natassia Kwan and Richard Tabura – May 2, 2018
The importance of learning the court-specific rules, investigating the witness, organizing the documents, and more.

How Universal Design Principles Can Improve Legal Accessibility
By Michael Iseri – May 2, 2018
Using the concepts of clarity, visibility, and structure to make legal information accessible to the public.


When You Think You’re Done, You’re Not
By Tesha L. Williams – August 30, 2017
Writing well is one of the most critical skills in the legal profession.

The Road Less Traveled—Clerking as a Mid-Level Associate
By Dani Morrison – August 30, 2017
A judicial clerkship after first practicing as an attorney is a path not only worthy of consideration but worthy of becoming a “traditional” pursuit.

Summer Interns: Inspector Gadget Survival Guide
By Maritza Sanchez – August 30, 2017
The expectations set for you will not be simply related to your work performance.

Combating Medical Experts in Abuse and Neglect Cases under the Juvenile Court Act
By Rachelle Hatcher and Richard E. Gutierrez – August 30, 2017
Child protection work is tough, frustrating, and not for most, but diligence can mean the difference between a child being reunited with family and a family ripped apart.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Joseph M. Hanna
By Tracey Foglia – August 30, 2017
Joe is known nationally as a leading voice for diversity in law and business, as well as for community service.

From the Bench: Diversity in the Law
By Hon. Joseph A. Greenaway Jr.

A Federal Judge’s Guide to Chambers Etiquette
By The Honorable Barbara M.G. Lynn – January 23, 2017
Follow these practical tips for success as a judicial intern.

On Loving and Learning to Live a Life in Law with Balance
By Michelle Karinne Suarez – January 23, 2017
Achieving a work-life balance involves a positive attitude, finding your passion, surrounding yourself with the right people, and knowing when to choose you.

Pro Bono: Develop Your Personal and Professional Abilities
By Lakisha Davis – January 23, 2017
Pro bono service provides opportunities for improving client interactions, extensive litigation training, and exposure to a wide range of practice areas.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: The Honorable Stephen Sebastian Everett
By Judge Stephen Everett with Shannon Ammon – January 23, 2017
A judge shares why he became an intern with JIOP and how the experience shaped his professional career.


Tips for New Litigators: How to Prepare for Your First Superior Court Appearance
By Nancy Franco – June 6, 2016
Tips gathered from mentors and learned along the way.

Don't Let Law School Debt Overshadow Your Future
By Lakisha Davis – June 6, 2016
Simple suggestions for reducing and repaying your law school debt.

Tips for Effective Communication During Your Judicial Internship or Clerkship
By Funmilayo Akinmulero – June 6, 2016
Active listening may be the most important skill you develop during your time with your judge.

Judicial Internships: Making the Most of a Great Opportunity
By Karen McKenzie – June 6, 2016
Some critical skills are common to all judicial internships.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: Michael Iseri ’13
By Danielle Dary – June 6, 2016
Michael’s experience fueled a passion for disability rights and advocacy.

JIOP Specialty Courts: Sneak Peeks and Tips for Success from Insiders and Alumni
By Rachel A. Smoot, Tiffany A. Johnson, Neal D. Gidvani, Judith C. Aarons, and Carly A. Boyd – June 6, 2016
What to expect as an intern in intellectual property, bankruptcy, criminal, domestic relations, and juvenile courts.

5 Technology Apps for the Small Firm
By Philip Gommels – March 8, 2016
Technology allows us to get organized, communicate, and research on the go.

Tips on Crafting a Compelling Litigation Brief
By Cheryl Turner – March 8, 2016
Make your first (and perhaps only) impression great with a concise, persuasive brief.

4 Ways to Capitalize on Internships During Your 1L Summer
By Rachita H. Bhatt – March 8, 2016
Your 1L summer is a great time to gain a broader perspective of the legal field and explore your interests.

JIOP Alumni Advice: Tips on Securing a Judicial Clerkship
By Cheryl Turner – March 8, 2016
JIOP alumni share tips on standing out among the many judicial clerkship applicants.

JIOP Alumni Spotlight: The Honorable Zuberi Bakari Williams '02
By Aaron Clay – March 8, 2016
Maryland's youngest judge shares his experience with JIOP and advice to future applicants.


Baker & McKenzie and Google Host Children's Rights Summit
By Amanda Kottke and Trenny Stovall – March 25, 2015
The inaugural summit addressed how disrupting barriers and innovating solutions can improve outcomes for vulnerable youth.


Tips & Tricks for Snagging an Internship Early
By Erika Glenn – December 1, 2014
The early bird gets the worm.

Demonstrating Your Value
By C. Matt Alva – December 1, 2014
Is there a "right" way to ask for a raise?

JIOP Etiquette
By Ida Wahlquist-Ortiz – December 1, 2014
Good manners go a long way.

Things I Wish I Would’ve Known as a 1L
By Erika Glenn – December 1, 2014
Tips to help you survive your first year of law school and carry you through the remaining years.

How to Craft a Compelling Statement of Interest
By C. Matt Alva – December 1, 2014
Tips for telling your story effectively.

The Legal Fallout of Ferguson
By James D. Macri – October 8, 2014
A look at the repercussions of the Michael Brown shooting.

JIOP as a Springboard to a Career in Litigation
By Roberto Martell Jr. – August 22, 2014
The author looks back at how JIOP formed the path to his current career.

Balancing Work and School
By C. Matt Alva – August 22, 2014
Working law students face many challenges. Maximize your time and efficiency with tips from someone who’s been there.

Why Effective Retention Requires Attention to Our Implicit Biases
By Vernā Myers – June 12, 2014
Be aware of five implicit biases that create an environment for women attorneys and attorneys of color that causes them to be less productive, lessen their performance and/or make them leave prematurely.

Ask the Section: How Can I Recover from a Negative Evaluation or Capitalize on a Positive Review?
By William H. Knight – June 6, 2014
In either scenario, persistence and confidence are key for coming out on top after a review.

Prepping for the Bar Exam on a Time Crunch
By Cheryl Turner – May 30, 2014
While not ideal, preparing for the bar exam on a shortened time frame is doable. An alum who’s "been there, done that" shares her advice.

Success Stories Spotlight: Joseph "Joe" Hanna
By Cindy Tsai – May 28, 2014
Less than 10 years out of law school, the summer 2004 alum’s career trajectory is marked by slam dunks, including building a sports and entertainment practice from scratch, developing a reputation as an expert author and panelist, and launching his own nonprofit. Get to know Joe and be inspired!

Envision Your First Job
By C. Matt Alva – May 15, 2014
A successful hunt will require vision, excellence in the classroom, and a strong network.

The Bar Exam: The Big Bad Wolf
By Rachel E. Kelly and Bridgette L. Williams – May 5, 2014
Whether you are a first-time bar taker, a repeat taker, or an out-of-state taker, we offer firsthand advice for taming the bar monster.

Conquering Multiple Bar Exams
By Erika Glenn – April 30, 2014
Attorney Gabe Ozel shares his tips for successfully tackling three bars.

Alum Shares SAC 2014 Highlights
By Marcos A. Tapia – April 23, 2014
A personal account of a first-time attendee’s experience at the ABA Section Annual Conference —and why you should consider joining in on the fun next year!

Ask the Section: What Is the One Practice Tip You’ve Learned in Your Career that You Wish You Would Have Known in Your First Couple of Years Practicing Law?
By William H. Knight – April 1, 2014
We go "in-house" and ask our very own JIOP leaders to share the one lesson they wish they had learned early on.

Aha! Moment: Surviving the First Year
By C. Matt Alva – March 31, 2014
Candid advice for navigating your first job out of law school.

Tips on Crafting a Compelling Litigation Brief
By Cheryl Turner – March 8, 2016
Make your first (and perhaps only) impression great with a concise, persuasive brief.

Ten Interviewing Tips for Intellectual Property Applicants
By Kristopher R. Davis – February 11, 2014
We unveil trade secrets for successfully landing these coveted internships.

Ask the Section: How Do I Develop a Client Base and Proficiency in a Practice Area that Is Not Represented in My Firm?
By William H. Knight – February 7, 2014
Two Section leaders weigh in on how a young associate can grow his or her practice area from scratch.

When the Arbitration Forum Is Unavailable: What Happens Next?
By Christopher J. Karacic and Howard S. Suskin – February 6, 2014
When arbitration forums fail, should courts appoint substitute arbitrators or excuse parties from their obligations to arbitrate?

Tips for Acing Your Interview
By Erika Glenn and Cindy Tsai – January 16, 2014
Everything you need to know to conquer the stress-inducing rite of passage: the dreaded interview!