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The mission of the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program is to provide opportunities to students who are members of racial and ethnic groups that are traditionally underrepresented in the profession.


Revenge Porn: How Tech Lawyers Are Helping Women

By Nova I. Levant – May 2, 2018 | While the effects of revenge porn vary, the majority of victims experience extremely negative consequences. Learn how litigators in the tech industry are helping fight back.

How Universal Design Principles Can Improve Legal Accessibility

By Michael Iseri – May 2, 2018 | Using the concepts of clarity, visibility, and structure to make legal information accessible to the public.


Tips for JIOP Applications

By Siddharth Bahl | This Sound Advice provides tips on putting together a competitive and complete JIOP application. (05:32 min)

Interview Tips

By Monica Litle | Law clerks shares her experience to perform well in an interview with a judge. (13:03 min)

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