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FDA Orange Book Listing of System Claims Clarified by Recent Pharmaceutical Case

By Emily Grigas and Richard Kurz – March 16, 2023 | The decision demonstrates that whether a patent may be eligible for Orange Book listing requires a case-by-case analysis.

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Trademark License Agreements: Analyzing the Single Trademark License Exclusion

By David T. Azrin – March 3, 2023 | The exclusion can provide a legal basis for excluding a trademark license arrangement from the legal definition of a franchise.

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Practice Points

Defending Against the “Display” Right

By Nancy Del Pizzo – January 12, 2023 | A few concepts that could provide defense counsel persuasive arguments in the copyright space for embeds, an alleged foreign infringement, or a late-filed claim.

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Business Development for Young Intellectual Property Litigators

Pilar Kraman and Michael Steger discuss strategies and best practices for developing business as young intellectual property litigators based on their own experiences and practices. This Sound Advice covers methods to use for any level of experience or type of IP practice. (12:06 min.)

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Update on Scandalous and Obscene Trademarks

By Lesli D. Harris – February 21, 2020 | In this Sound Advice, Lesli Harris gives update on "scandalous" and "obscene" trademarks after the recent Supreme Court decision in Iancu v. Brunetti.

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