Upcoming Roundtable: April 14

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Cannabis IP—Real or Smoke and Mirrors?

Please join us for an exciting discussion of cannabis-related intellectual property issues. A panel of experts will discuss best practices and current issues surrounding the evolving and confusing topic. Registration is complimentary and open to any members interested in the topic.

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Recent Articles

The Role of Objective Indicia of Nonobviousness When Evaluating Whether a Patent Claim Is Obvious

By Isaac Kim and Richard Kurz – March 23, 2021 | Amarin Pharma, Inc.’s certiorari petition to the Supreme Court raises the question of whether objective indicia of nonobviousness should be evaluated using a “totality of the evidence” approach or as part of a “prima facie” framework.

Not Lawyering Up?!: A Review of the CASE Act

By April D. Davenport – February 19, 2021 | The act seeks to change the status quo by providing artists with a real ability to protect themselves and their creations.

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Recent Practice Points

Trademark Modernization Act: Discontinuance and Delay

By Matt Acosta – April 7, 2021 | Rebuttals to the presumption of irreparable harm following the TMA.

What a Copyright Registration Can Tell You about Your Next Infringement Case

By Eric D. Wong – January 7, 2021 | The copyright registration is a fount of information that may save you and your client massive headaches down the line.

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Business Development for Young Intellectual Property Litigators

Pilar Kraman and Michael Steger discuss strategies and best practices for developing business as young intellectual property litigators based on their own experiences and practices. This Sound Advice covers methods to use for any level of experience or type of IP practice. (12:06 min.)

Update on Scandalous and Obscene Trademarks

By Lesli D. Harris – February 21, 2020 | In this Sound Advice, Lesli Harris gives update on "scandalous" and "obscene" trademarks after the recent Supreme Court decision in Iancu v. Brunetti.

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Picture This: Litigating Copyright Infringement of Photographs

Digital technology has led to an explosion of litigation regarding the infringement of photographs. This program will explore strategies for claimants and defendants in copyright photography litigation through an examination of recent cases. The panel will feature experienced copyright litigators Kevin McCulloch and Cynthia Arato, along with Mickey Osterreicher, General Counsel of the National Press Photographers Association.

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