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Party Participation by Telephone or Video Conference—Does it Work?

By Jeff Kichaven and Paul J. Van Osselaer – November 28, 2019 | Two mediators offer recommendations and rules for getting remote-participation to work as part of a mediation.

Recent Articles

Rethinking Federal Appellate Court Legerdemain in Analyzing the Scope of “Potential Coverage”

By David A. Gauntlett – March 13, 2019 | A modest |proposal for changes designed to encourage panels to not render decisions based on “fresh” cases without appropriate input from the parties, and to provide more staying power for the issues that it especially asserted in the issuance of published opinions.

The Applicability of State Consumer Protection Laws to Insurance Companies in Coverage Disputes

By Trevor J. Cooney and Daniel J. DeFiglio – March 1, 2019 | Insurers and insureds should carefully examine their state’s laws, as well as any choice-of-law provisions in their policies, and conduct an analysis of their specific needs and the risks to which they may be exposed.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Hurricane Irma Claims: Coverage and Claims Information

By Danya Pincavage | Practical advice for obtaining insurance coverage for hurricane claims.

Women of ICLC's Tried and TrueTips and Advice for Work Life Balance

Listen in and take note as various members of the Section’s Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee give their tips on how to maintain a true work life balance.

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