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Recent Practice Points

The Mediators Speak: Online Mediation: “Are We There Yet?”

By Jeff Kichaven and Rachel Ehrlich – March 30, 2023 | Who would have guessed that the world of mediation would become a mix of online, in-person and hybrid events, with the choice of medium adding to the uniqueness of every case?

Young Lawyers’ Tips on How to Read an Insurance Policy

By Jessica Gopiao and Andres Avila – June 12, 2023 | For new lawyers in the insurance coverage field, determining what the policy covers and does not cover in light of a claim can be made easier with these tips.

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Recent Articles

Business Development Best Practices for Policyholder-Side Insurance Recovery Attorneys

By Andrew M. Barrios and Adrienne N. Kitchen – November 16, 2022 | It is imperative that attorneys who desire to develop their own book of business do so in a deliberate and proactive manner.

Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege in Coverage Disputes

By Christina A. Culver – December 15, 2022 |The communications between insurers and their counsel are usually privileged, but coverage attorneys must be mindful of circumstances leading to waiver of this protection in coverage disputes.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Insurance Coverage for Biometric Privacy Act Violations

In this Sound Advice, Adrienne Kitchen discussed the biometric privacy acts that are popping up in states across the country, leading to the potential for class actions and potential significant exposure for policyholders. Several types of insurance may cover violations of these acts.

Construction Defect Claims: Recurring Coverage Issues and Coverage-Maximizing Strategies

In this program, Ashley Jordan covers two recurring issues associated with coverage for construction defect claims under Commercial General Liability policies: "trigger" of coverage and "anti-Montrose" provisions. She also provides risk management and coverage-maximizing strategies in relation to these common carrier defenses.

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