Recent Practice Points

Trademark Infringement: How Close is Close Enough?

Stacy R.C. Berliner – February 19, 2019 | The issue before the Central District Court of California was whether allegations that the policyholder’s displays for knock-off products, and their proximity to the trademarked products and signs, satisfied the policy requirement that the infringement be “in that particular part of your advertisement.”

Always Carefully Review Policy Language in Long Tail Claims

By Seth M. Friedman – December 28, 2018 | A recent court decision highlights the importance of carefully analyzing policy language in older policies implicated in long-tail claims and the continued application of contra proferentem.

Recent Articles

Insurance 101: Consumer Class Actions and the CGL Insurer’s Duty to Defend

By Seth D. Lamden – January 17, 2018 | An overview of how courts have evaluated CGL insurers’ duty to defend consumer class actions and an explanation of why the standard for evaluating the duty to defend a consumer class action.

The Burden to Allocate Settlement Funds

By Christina Culver and Cy Haralson – January 17, 2018 | A number of recent cases from around the nation highlight basic principles of allocation jurisprudence in the context of an insured seeking indemnity for settlements it has entered into with injured third parties.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Hurricane Irma Claims: Coverage and Claims Information

By Danya Pincavage | Practical advice for obtaining insurance coverage for hurricane claims.

Women of ICLC's Tried and TrueTips and Advice for Work Life Balance

Listen in and take note as various members of the Section’s Insurance Coverage Litigation Committee give their tips on how to maintain a true work life balance.

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