Health Law Litigation


Learn while you’re on the go. Listen to the Health Law Litigation Committee’s past Sound Advice and Roundtable recordings on this archive page.

Sound Advice

GDPR Compliance for Healthcare and Life Sciences
This podcast introduces key concepts of the new general data protection regulation (GDPR), specific privacy principles affecting the healthcare and life-sciences industries, and suggestions on how organizations can take initial steps toward GDPR compliance efforts. (9:58 min.)

State Farm v. US ex rel. Rigsby—The Future of the False Claims Act's Seal Requirement
Amy Bowen discusses a case summary including briefs and arguments to SCOTUS. (13:16 min.)

Benefits of Pro Bono Work
It feels as none of us has enough time. Veteran litigator Nash Long describes the three primary benefits to you and your career of making time for pro bono work. (14:46 min.)

How to Be More Productive Throughout Your Day
Although we all realize the need from productivity, some days demand it more than others. Eric Shannon outlines 7 things to do to be more productive during your day. (5:45 min.)

Changes to Birth Injury Litigation
Hardison Wood describes hypothermic interventions in neonatal patients and the far-reaching benefits of this relatively new type of therapy. (9:05 min.)

HIPPA Bytes: A Practical Guide to Risk Assessment under the Breach Notification Rule
The third of a series of recordings by Sheila Sokolowski of Hogan Marren, Ltd. about the Final HIPAA omnibus rule. Practical commentary on conducting risk assessments under HIPAA’s Breach Notification Rule. (8:08 min.)

HIPAA Bytes: Business Associates as Agents—What To Do?
The second of a series of recordings by Sheila Sokolowski of Hogan Marren, Ltd. discussing the changes to the final HIPAA omnibus rule. Practical commentary on HIPAA business associates as agents, including tips for what can be done to mitigate risks associated with any business-associate agents. (5:33 min.)

HIPAA Bytes: Changes Concerning Protection and Disclosure of Decedent Protected Health Information
Listen to the first of a series of recordings by Sheila Sokolowski of Hogan Marren, Ltd. where she discusses the changes to Final HIPPA Omnibus Rule. In the first piece we examine several changes that pertain to how information is to be protected in the case of individuals who are deceased. (5:42 min.)


Client Development for Young Lawyers
Everyone knows that client development is critical to a lawyer's career. But how does one go about developing clients? Especially when one is supposed to be working on matters for existing clients. This roundtable will offer practical advice on how young lawyers can start developing their own client base. (42:13 min.)

Who Pays the Costs of Addiction?
Addiction—to opiates or alcohol—affects many, both inside and outside the legal community. This program addresses ways to recognize the problem in colleagues and clients, resources available to mitigate and treat the harm, and ways to sue to compel responsible parties to cover the costs of addiction. (41:44 min.)


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