April 14, 2020 Practice Points

Making a Trial Tech “Go Bag”

A few items you should keep on hand when using technology during the litigation process.

By Jonathan W. Lounsberry

If you plan on using technology at any point during the litigation process, it is imperative that you have a “go bag” containing everything you need to be self-sufficient and independent of local amenities. Following is a sample list of items for such a go bag. The items in your bag will depend on the methods of presentation and the technological capabilities available onsite, as well as any other situational needs or concerns. As experience dictates your needs, the contents of your go bag will evolve. For instance, you may be setting up in the courtroom and think, “I could really use a roll of gaffer’s tape.” (True story.) Use this list below as a template, adding or subtracting based on your needs.

  • Extension cords
  • Multi-plugs
  • Chargers (for all devices)
  • Thumb-drives
  • Gaffer’s tape
  • Adapters for iOS or Android devices
  • Quick ties
  • Batteries for controllers
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Wi-Fi hotspots
  • VPN access to your office
  • Printers
  • HDMI cords
  • Any necessary tools 

Jonathan W. Lounsberry is a senior associate at The Stevens Firm, P.A. in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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