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Sound Advice

How to Market Your Family Law Practice During COVID-19
By Rita Aquilio — December 8, 2020
Rita Aquilio provides tips for family law practitioners seeking to market their practice. (4:02 min)

What We Can Do to Help Domestic Violence Victims Daily
By Eshigo Philomena Okasili — November 3, 2019
Most, if not all, attorneys interact with victims of domestic violence more frequently than they might be aware of. As such, they have the rare opportunity of helping to save the lives of domestic violence victims and helping survivors to end the cycle of domestic violence. In this Sound Advice, Eshigo Philomena Okasili offers some tips to help attorneys identify potential domestic violence issues and victims, as well as ways to help victims access effective legal representation and other appropriate resources in order to free themselves from domestic violence, empower themselves and thrive. (10:48 min)

Immigration Tips for Family Lawyers
By Eshigo P. Okasili — July 2, 2019
In this Sound Advice, Eshigo P. Okasili review a few immigration issues which family lawyers should consider when representing new citizens and non-citizens. (12:38 min)

What Is a Forensic Accountant?
By Rebecca Fitzhugh — November 19, 2018
This informative Sound Advice will educate listeners about forensic accountants—what they are, how they are trained, how one is selected, issues to consider when choosing a forensic accountant, and much more. (8:39 min)

Practice Tips for Young Lawyers
By Kristyl M. Berckes — August 23, 2018
Advice on working toward a happy and successful career for young lawyers.

Intellectual Property Matters in Divorce
By Jamie Rich Vining

Summary Judgments in Family Law
Raymond Rafool discusses how to use and defend against summary judgements in the rare instances they are used in the family law setting.

How to Identify and Deal with Issues Related to Intellectual Property in Divorce
Dividing real property in a divorce case is fairly straightforward—but what happens to intellectual property?

Expert Witness Depositions in Family Law Cases
Family attorneys know that cases may be dependent on expert witnesses. Listen as Maria Escobedo shares various practical approaches.

Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy Agreements
As the laws about marriage and families change, the role of a family law attorney is in a state of flux. Listen to family litigator Aliette Carolan review the latest laws regarding surrogacy agreements.

Three Key Steps to Every Relationship
Planning should be done at all stages of living with your partner. Learn the three steps with examples that will help your clients.

Estate Planning Issues for Every Family Law Attorney
Hear Mildred Gomez address some of the basic estate planning and tax issues that family law practioners should be aware of as they counsel and encourage their clients to renew their estate plans.

Representing a Grandparent Petitioning for Visitation Rights
Carla-Michelle Adams outlines the criteria that are examined by the courts when determining whether to grant grandparents visitation rights for their underage grandchildren.

Figuring Out Finances with a Forensic Accountant
When financial documents don't seem right during a divorce proceeding, it may be time to bring in a professional to take a closer look.

Dividing Shared Business Assets During a Divorce
Hear forensic accountant Tracy Coenen as she explains the ins and outs of dividing mutual business interests, including obtaining tax returns and financial statements, during sensitive divorce proceedings. (8:52 min)


Judicial Clerkships—A Pathway to a Successful Legal Career
This program will provide answers to the following questions:

  • What is a judicial clerkship?
  • Who is eligible to apply?
  • When is the best time to apply?
  • What are some tips for preparing for the application process?
  • What are some tips for maximizing judicial clerkship experience?
  • How can one apply judicial clerkship experience/skills elsewhere? (57:17 min)

Debunking the Misinformation and Disinformation About Parental Alienation
The program will educate family lawyers, family court judges and other attendees about what parental alienation is and is not. It will address questions such as:

  • Is parental alienation real or imagined?
  • Do parents hide behind their diagnoses of parental alienation as ways of perpetuating their overtly abusive behavior?
  • Is there a tendency to attribute every instance of contact refusal to parental alienation? If so, what are the differences between contact refusal and parental alienation?
  • Does parental alienation have an adequate scientific foundation?

The program will be engaging, illuminating and will clarify the confusion and misunderstanding surrounding parental alienation. (58:39 min)

Diversity Leads: Building Litigation Skills through Pro Bono
Pro bono matters provide lawyers with an opportunity to give back to their communities and build fundamental litigation skills. In many instances, pro bono matters help economically disadvantaged persons facing steep hurdles with understanding the legal process for obtaining government benefits, shelter, childcare needs, and physical protection, among others. In fact, Model Rule 6.1 of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct states that lawyers should aspire to contribute at least 50 hours of pro bono service each year. Please join moderator Gerard Belfort (cochair, Minority Trial Lawyer and Associate at Ballard Spahr LLP) and panelists Eshigo Okasili (partner, Okasili Law Firm) and Mario Robertson (associate, Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP) as they discuss how their engagements with pro bono cases has not only improved their litigation skills, but also impacted their lives. The panelists will discuss the different litigation skills attorneys can obtain while giving back to society in a meaningful way. (38:05 min)

What's That Business Really Worth?
The presentation provides information that will enable attorneys to determine the valuation approach and standards that are suitable and in the best interests of their clients, depending on the type of transaction involved or the issues being litigated. It includes some examples of business valuation, as it pertains to various legal matters including, but not limited to, divorce; sale or purchase of a business or business interest; buy/sell agreements; estate, gift, and income taxes. (1:26:35 hr)

Parenting in the Pandemic: Perspectives from Attorney-Parents and Tips for Navigating the New Normal
As attorneys head into another year of practicing law amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a panel of attorney-parents will share their perspectives and advice on finding and, importantly, creating balance without sacrificing our values and safety. From dealing with Zoom mishaps to negotiating flexible working arrangements, the speakers will answer questions about the new normal and returning to the office both during and after the pandemic. (1:04:23 hr)

Valuation Reports: Reading and Understanding the Valuation Process
Reading and understanding a valuation report can be difficult, especially for new lawyers. Join our panel of family law attorneys and CPA's who will help shed some light on how to navigate the valuation process. (1:03:22 hr)

Top Tips on Litigating Cases of Parental Alienation in Family Courts 
Parental alienation is a silent epidemic that plagues the family courts in America. There is no doubt that parental alienation exists and how it has significant short-term and long-term consequences to the children and the targeted parents. There is also no doubt that American family/matrimonial courts have acknowledged the concept, although the theory can sometimes be misused. This program will provide an overview of the concept of parental alienation and explain how to correctly handle it in court. (1:30:04 hr)

Implicit Bias and Respect in Family and Other Courts
This Roundtable serves the dual purposes of: (1) Discussing some of the implicit biases (based on perception or information gathered in the course of litigation) that can impede proceedings in family and other courts, and (2) Promoting respect for the following: judiciary, profession, each other (including litigants), and ourselves. The biases to be discussed include the following: race, national origin, religion, culture, socio-economic status, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, disability, and mental health history. The ultimate goal is to educate and enable attendees to be sensitive to their implicit biases and respectful of everyone. (1:25:06 hr)

Mix and Mingle Your Way to New Business (Even Virtually!)
This discussion is intended to provide tips, ideas, objectives, and personal experiences regarding how to attend a conference, or any networking opportunity, from a business development perspective. The objectives and tips offered can apply to any situation that involves networking or interacting with potential clients or referral sources (even virtually), such as a one day CLE, an informal meeting, a local bar association happy hour, a large bar association conference, and even a joint defense group meeting (i.e, any gathering you attend purposefully). (59:32 min)

The Intersection of Family Law and Insurance Claims in the Age of COVID-19
The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to disrupt the basic underpinnings of our society: health, wealth, and emotional security. In this uncertain and tumultuous time, individuals faced with support obligations, such as alimony and child support, may seek court intervention to modify support obligations due to a number of different bases, which include, but may not be limited to, a decrease in income, a disruption to a business, and a loss of employment. Hear from family law and insurance attorneys as to the issues facing individuals with support obligations when their business or employment has been disrupted due to COVID-19. (43:19 min)

Hot Topics in Social Media Discovery for Litigators
This Roundtable, featuring Magistrate Judge Dana Douglas, ESI and legal technology expert Tom O'Connor, labor and employment litigator Amy Stewart and commercial litigator Ashley Heilprin will discuss hot topics in social media discovery. The discussion will include an overview of the types of “new” social media/electronic data available that may be relevant to particular cases; data collection tips, including crafting and responding to discovery requests; advising clients regarding preservation, discovery, and social media posts in litigation; and planning ahead for how to "get the dirt in." (50:38 min)

Protecting Yourself When Providing Limited Scope Representation
The speakers will provide a professional malpractice insurer’s perspective on limited scope representation (also known as limited scope or discrete tasks representation). The presentation will help lawyers to identify ethical and professional “mines” and to avoid professional liability issues when providing unbundled legal services or limited scope representation. (1:00:40 min) Click here for the program materials.