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Sound Advice

What We Can Do to Help Domestic Violence Victims Daily
By Eshigo Philomena Okasili — November 3, 2019
Most, if not all, attorneys interact with victims of domestic violence more frequently than they might be aware of. As such, they have the rare opportunity of helping to save the lives of domestic violence victims and helping survivors to end the cycle of domestic violence. In this Sound Advice, Eshigo Philomena Okasili offers some tips to help attorneys identify potential domestic violence issues and victims, as well as ways to help victims access effective legal representation and other appropriate resources in order to free themselves from domestic violence, empower themselves and thrive. (10:48 min)

Immigration Tips for Family Lawyers
By Eshigo P. Okasili — July 2, 2019
In this Sound Advice, Eshigo P. Okasili review a few immigration issues which family lawyers should consider when representing new citizens and non-citizens. (12:38 min)

What Is a Forensic Accountant?
By Rebecca Fitzhugh — November 19, 2018
This informative Sound Advice will educate listeners about forensic accountants—what they are, how they are trained, how one is selected, issues to consider when choosing a forensic accountant, and much more. (8:39 min)

Practice Tips for Young Lawyers
By Kristyl M. Berckes — August 23, 2018
Advice on working toward a happy and successful career for young lawyers.

Intellectual Property Matters in Divorce
By Jamie Rich Vining

Summary Judgments in Family Law
Raymond Rafool discusses how to use and defend against summary judgements in the rare instances they are used in the family law setting.

How to Identify and Deal with Issues Related to Intellectual Property in Divorce
Dividing real property in a divorce case is fairly straightforward—but what happens to intellectual property?

Expert Witness Depositions in Family Law Cases
Family attorneys know that cases may be dependent on expert witnesses. Listen as Maria Escobedo shares various practical approaches.

Surrogacy and Gestational Surrogacy Agreements
As the laws about marriage and families change, the role of a family law attorney is in a state of flux. Listen to family litigator Aliette Carolan review the latest laws regarding surrogacy agreements.

Three Key Steps to Every Relationship
Planning should be done at all stages of living with your partner. Learn the three steps with examples that will help your clients.

Estate Planning Issues for Every Family Law Attorney
Hear Mildred Gomez address some of the basic estate planning and tax issues that family law practioners should be aware of as they counsel and encourage their clients to renew their estate plans.

Representing a Grandparent Petitioning for Visitation Rights
Carla-Michelle Adams outlines the criteria that are examined by the courts when determining whether to grant grandparents visitation rights for their underage grandchildren.

Figuring Out Finances with a Forensic Accountant
When financial documents don't seem right during a divorce proceeding, it may be time to bring in a professional to take a closer look.

Dividing Shared Business Assets During a Divorce
Hear forensic accountant Tracy Coenen as she explains the ins and outs of dividing mutual business interests, including obtaining tax returns and financial statements, during sensitive divorce proceedings. (8:52 min)