March 30, 2016 Articles

How to Subpoena Amazon to Find an Online Seller's Income

By Sandra Starr Uretsky

The issuance of a subpoena can be the single most powerful tool in litigation. It allows you to cut out the middleman and obtain factual information directly from the source. In matrimonial litigation, subpoenas are often used to obtain a litigant’s financial information from banks and employers. When a litigant is self-employed, obtaining a true picture of their profits and cash flow can prove to be a very tedious endeavor.

In a recent case, my firm represented the wife of a man who derived much of his income from selling items on After months and months of stonewalling and his continued refusal to answer discovery or even provide a single piece of paper relating to his business, it was time to ramp up the pressure.

This article will give the reader a simple step-by-step process to successfully obtain information from via subpoena practice.

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