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The Intersection of Family Law and Insurance Claims in the Age of COVID-19

By Katherine Coba and Dolly Hernandez – May 7, 2020 | In this uncertain time, individuals faced with support obligations may seek court intervention to modify them due to a number of different bases.


No-Contact Orders in Parental Alienation Cases

By Ashish Joshi – April 14, 2020 | It is critical to understand why family courts order temporary no-contact periods between the favored parent who has been found to have engaged in alienating behaviors and the child.

Recognition of Foreign Divorce Judgments in India

By Amrita Thakore – April 14, 2020 | It’s not unusual for a man and a woman to be husband and wife in one jurisdiction but treated as divorced in another.

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What We Can Do to Help Domestic Violence Victims Daily

Most, if not all, attorneys interact with victims of domestic violence more frequently than they might be aware of. As such, they have the rare opportunity of helping to save the lives of domestic violence victims and helping survivors to end the cycle of domestic violence. In this Sound Advice, Eshigo Philomena Okasili offers some tips to help attorneys identify potential domestic violence issues and victims, as well as ways to help victims access effective legal representation and other appropriate resources in order to free themselves from domestic violence, empower themselves and thrive. (10:48 min)

Immigration Tips for Family Lawyers

In this Sound Advice, Eshigo P. Okasili review a few immigration issues which family lawyers should consider when representing new citizens and non-citizens. (12:38 min)

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