Practice Points

What Is a Forensic Accountant?

By Rebecca Fitzhugh – January 19, 2019 | Here is what you need to know about the profession and how a forensic accountant could help you.

Basic Expert Witness Outline

By Mark E. Sullivan – November 28, 2018 | Preparing for trial is an essential task of any litigation, and one of the most important parts of this process is outlining witness testimony.


A Modern View on Family Finance—One in the Eye for the Entitlement Generation

By Simon Bruce – January 24, 2018 | The public perceives that in most cases there is a 50/50 split following divorce. That is, of course, nonsense.

How to Handle Marital Dissolution and the Issue of Separate Property

By Joshua S. Sechter – January 24, 2018 | Because of the myriad of ways separate property can become commingled with marital property, it is important to enlist the help of a forensic accountant to untangle these assets.


What Is a Forensic Accountant?

By Rebecca Fitzhugh — November 19, 2018 | This informative Sound Advice will educate listeners about forensic accountants—what they are, how they are trained, how one is selected, issues to consider when choosing a forensic accountant, and much more. (8:39 min)

Summary Judgments in Family Law

Raymond Rafool discusses how to use and defend against summary judgements in the rare instances they are used in the family law setting.

Family Law Litigation

Learn how to get involved with the Family Law committee and maximize your Section membership!