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Narcissism or Not Narcissism? That Is the Legal Question

By Jeffrey Siegel, Elisa Reiter, and Daniel Pollack – May 9, 2023 | The word “narcissism” is rampant in family court. But what does it really mean and how can it be explained by attorneys to the advantage of their client?

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Critics of Parental Alienation Have It Wrong

By Alan D. Blotcky, Jennifer J. Harman, and William Bernet – December 21, 2022 | Many of the critics of parental alienation are advocates and are not scientists or mental health professionals, and their criticisms reflect an agenda or ideology they are trying to promote.

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First Steps in Understanding Your Business Valuation

By Ashley DeCress and Stefanie Jedra – July 31, 2021 | Establishing the purpose of the valuation, determining the standard of value, and establishing the level and premise of value.

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Easy Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Mindful and Motivated

By Sahmra A. Stevenson – January 29, 2021 | Changing practices and adopting technology can help your team stay connected and productive while working from home.

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