November 02, 2017 Articles

Responding to a Cyber Reputation Attack: A Game Plan and a Digital Forensics Expert

When cyber attackers come after your reputation, brand, or product, be ready with a quick step-by-step response plan and digital forensics expert.

By Michael Maschke, Joe Meadows, and Laura Aradi

In the cyber world, companies may be accused of selling defective goods, providing poor service, misleading customers, defrauding the government, or committing unethical or criminal conduct. These accusations can appear in emails to company clients or government enforcement agencies, posts on blogs or company websites, tweets, or streamed video clips on social media. They may come from competitors, customers, foreign governments, or strangers. What's worse, they may be cloaked in the anonymity of the Internet, making it difficult (but not impossible) to hold responsible persons accountable.

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