February 21, 2013 Articles

All IT Experts Are Not Created Equal

How to find the perfect fit for your case.

By Nick Robinson

Dr. Gordon Moore, the American cofounder of Intel Corporation, accurately predicted in 1965 that density of computing power would double every 18 months, thereby coining Moore's law. The most visible manifestation of Moore's law is that computer technology, in all of its widely varying forms, is now deeply embedded in all aspects of our professional and personal lives and is an inescapable part of civil and criminal litigation.

Despite the ubiquity of information technology (IT) issues in the gathering and analysis of evidence for litigation, many attorneys still place all IT experts in a single generic category of "computer" experts. But the scope and depth of expertise can be as varied for an IT expert as for any other specialized field of knowledge. How does a litigation attorney scout for and hire a technology expert witness to serve persuasively during voir dire, a deposition, and at trial? The simple answer is "very carefully." Ultimately, the decision should be based on both technical competencies and strong interpersonal qualities.

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