February 05, 2014 Articles

Ethical Conundrums in Blawgs

Don't run afoul of attorney-advertising rules.

By Anne-Marie Mitchell

When it comes to marketing, everyone has their own style. Although lawyers have traditionally used power lunches and golf outings with great success, an online presence is a necessary element of a marketing strategy for lawyers and law firms in today’s competitive climate. But don’t all rush at once to ditch your golf clubs! Lawyers should continuously monitor their online brand and carefully select the social-media platforms that best suit their marketing needs.

Launching a legal blog—more affectionately known as a “blawg”—has become an increasingly popular endeavor among lawyers. Although it can be a time-consuming project, an effective blog provides a relatively inexpensive opportunity to create some personalized branding. Both new and experienced lawyers can highlight their expertise or niche in a particular field simply by maintaining a blog. In turn, a successful blog can increase website traffic and ultimately assist lawyers in generating business. However, lawyers should be aware that this type of public posting can be considered attorney advertising by their state bar and may implicate a lawyer’s ethical duties.

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