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We Don’t Talk about “Speaker 2”: Following the Rules in Depositions

By Daniel Harrington – July 17, 2023 | The wise lawyer will study—and follow—all of the rules that govern depositions in their jurisdiction.

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War Stories, Lawyer-to-Lawyer Consultations, and Listservs: Great Tools or Ethical Traps?

By Michael H. Rubin and Timothy G. Byrd – February 9, 2023 | Discussing current cases, exchanging war stories, or recounting past experiences on a listserv can have ethical ramifications.

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“I Look Forward to Seeing You”: Why Competent and Diligent Lawyering Requires the Personal Touch

By Richard M. Hunt – August 31, 2023 | Taking the time and effort to meet with our clients, witnesses, and opposing counsel and parties is key to competent and diligent representation in our post-pandemic world.

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Steering Clear of Witness Minefields, Part IV: Prompting a Witness to “Not Remember”

By Paul Mark Sandler, Bruce A. Green, and John M. Barkett – May 10, 2023 | Giving in to the temptation to coach a witness to “not remember” unfavorable information and to emphasize favorable information during their testimony can lead to dire circumstances.

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