November 20, 2013 Articles

Three Ways to Boost Your Energy-Law Practice

Involvement with the committee can work wonders for your career.

By Basheer Ghorayeb – November 20, 2013

You are already a member of the Energy Litigation Committee, or you wouldn’t have received this issue of the Energy Litigation Journal. (If you found this article on our committee website, please continue reading to learn why you should join the committee.) The journal is one of the great benefits you enjoy because of your membership in the committee, but your membership gives you access to much more.

For example, did you know that your membership also provides you with opportunities to develop more business? That’s right, the committee can help you gain greater expertise and expand your network of business contacts, helping you boost your energy-litigation practice. And you’ll enjoy doing it because you’ll be meeting and working with interesting people from around the country.

I want to make sure you are taking full advantage of this opportunity. So in this article, I'll share three ways in which you can leverage your membership in the committee to develop more business.

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