January 13, 2015 Articles

California Employment Law: No Place for the Wanderer

The Golden State's law is generally more friendly to employees than federal law is.

By James C. Eschen – January 13, 2015

California, in common wisdom, would have the eighth or ninth largest economy and the thirty-fourth highest population in the world were it a separate country. Many businesses find doing business in the Golden State unavoidable. Employers sending employees to California for even short periods or having offices there—or, conversely, employees finding themselves in California—must understand that California law is generally more friendly to employees than federal law. California’s antidiscrimination laws protect more employees than does Title VII and prohibit more types of discrimination. The overtime laws are more generous, and the exemptions from it, although similar, differ enough that employers must stay on their toes. The legislature has given employees standing to enforce laws otherwise left to administrative bodies.


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