June 10, 2013 Articles

The Keys to a Healthy Corporate Wellness Program

Many sophisticated employers believe that wellness programs can reap benefits for a company and its employees.

By Joseph A. Kroeger and Matt P. Milner – June 10, 2013

As employers and lawmakers seek creative solutions to rising health-care costs, corporate wellness programs have exploded in popularity. Many employers have embraced corporate wellness programs as a means of controlling health-care costs, promoting a healthier lifestyle, and reducing the productivity losses that result from preventable, chronic health problems in the workforce. While corporate wellness programs can take many different forms, the one constant is that employers must carefully consider a variety of statutes, regulations, and practical issues before implementing a successful wellness program. While employers and employees alike can benefit from a well-designed program, companies should be aware of and address these concerns as a part of the implementation or modification of a corporate wellness program.

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