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Employment law continues to be an intriguing area that is nuanced and constantly changing. It is the goal of the Employment & Labor Relations Law Committee to be the nation’s primary “go to” resource for all things related to labor and employment litigation. The substantive areas covered by the committee include employment discrimination and harassment, retaliation and whistleblower claims, wage and hour claims, breach of employment contract, restrictive covenant litigation, employment torts, unfair labor practices, union negotiation issues, e-discovery in employment claims, and any other types of claims involving employees.

Message from the Chairs

We enthusiastically welcome you to the ABA Section of Litigation’s Employment & Labor Relations Law Committee. We view the committee as the nation’s primary “go to” resource for labor and employment litigation, and at the vanguard of critical thinking in an area of law that continues to be highly dynamic and socially relevant.

Just in the past year, the Supreme Court has expanded federal anti-discrimination protections to employees subjected to disparate treatment on the basis of sexual orientation, while limiting those same protections to employees of religious organizations. The Court also expanded enforcement of arbitration agreements that prohibit class-action claims to resolve workplace disputes. On the labor law front, the National Labor Relations Board has issued decisions providing employers with more freedom to restrict access to their property, and greater flexibility to make mid-term modifications to collective bargaining agreements.

We anxiously await more developments in the upcoming year, which will likely include an array of COVID-related litigation on such issues as failure to provide a safe working environment, age and disability discrimination, denial of sick or family leave, and retaliation/whistleblower claims.

The ABA Section of Litigation is the leading voice for litigators in the nation, and we are proud to be part of the committee that serves as an innovative, inclusive, and dynamic voice for employment & labor relations law practitioners. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have on how the committee can continue to best serve your needs and support your professional practice.

Warmest Regards,

Jerry M. Cutler
Christopher S. Hennessy

Cochairs, Employment & Labor Relations Committee


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