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How Will COVID-19 Affect Equity in Education?

By Janice V. Arellano – March 23, 2020 | The coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to educate students about the importance of equality and anti-discrimination.

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Youth Access to Mental Health Services Is an Un-Prioritized Civil Right

By Victor M. Jones – December 4, 2019 | Children deserve the dignity of receiving quality services that allow them to lead healthy and productive lives in their homes and communities.

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Sound Advice

Supercharge Your Law Practice Through Character Strengths

Understanding and utilizing your greatest strengths will enable you to not only increase your self-awareness and ability to manage stress, but will also supercharge your law practice. In this podcast, Elina Teboul and Jordana Confino discuss how to identify your signature strengths and ways to more fully apply them in the workplace.

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Unique Perspectives and Advice on Feeling Like Not Belonging as a Diverse Attorney

John A. Martinez is the Director of Litigation Operations for USAA. He describes a unique situation as a young attorney in which he felt like he did not belong in the courtroom as a diverse attorney and was put on the spot by a judge. He also provides advice to new attorneys on how to deal with feeling like not belonging, whether it is in the courthouse or at the workplace as a diverse attorney.

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