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Sound Advice

Social Media and Legal Risk Management
A company's reputation is arguably its most important asset. Arvin Maskin explains how today, companies with established brands and spotless reputations are faced with new challenges in the digital age. Now, one person can threaten a corporation's reputation instantaneously, and thus it is more important than ever to safeguard against these risks. (10:45 min.)

Using Private Judges as an ADR Method
By Anthony J. Carriuolo
Anthony J. Carriuolo discusses the alternative dispute resolution method of engaging private judges to adjudicate parties’ disputes, and compares the pros and cons of traditional court practices or arbitration. (7:44 min.)

Tips from the Trenches
By Christina Liu
Being a young lawyer is a constant learning process. Christina Liu offers helpful tips from the trenches for developing your skills and career. (6:33 min.)

Office Management for Young Lawyers
Young lawyers in law firms often make the mistake of thinking that they do not have any "clients." Demetra Liggins explains office management for young lawyers, including how they do indeed have "clients," just not in the traditional sense. (6:02 min.)

Marketing for Young Lawyers
Mark Powers, president of Atticus, explains the best ways to market yourself as a young lawyer in today's fast-paced world. (8:07 min.)


Alternative Career Paths
Is a law firm my only option? Is there another option besides law firm life? Think law firm life is the only career path for lawyers, then this Roundtable is for you. In this Roundtable, our panelists will discuss alternative career paths for lawyers coming right from law school or looking to make the move from law firm life. Our panelists include Heather White, Sr. Director, Associate General Counsel at TIAA; Traci Telemaque, Assistant Public Defender; and Jordan Abshire of Abshire Legal Search, LLC. (55:15 min.)


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