February 16, 2016 Articles

The Role of In-House Counsel in the Sound Administration of Justice

How in-house counsel can promote judicial efficiency and accessibility.

By Frédéric Pérodeau – February 16, 2016

When discussing how to promote the sound administration of justice, the roles of the judiciary, the litigants, and the trial lawyers are traditionally considered. Yet, the role of in-house counsel is central and it has been the subject of little discussion. The many facets of this role place the in-house counsel in a position well suited to promote an effective and efficient use of judicial resources and to ensure the sound administration of justice. In-house counsel—as legal service providers, law firm clients, and trusted business advisors—have opportunities to become major contributors. To be as effective as possible in this regard, in-house counsel need to develop certain personal and professional skills that will enable them to work proactively and, in so doing, promote both the proper functioning of the justice system and access to high-quality justice.

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