December 08, 2016 Articles

The Next Big Hacking Target: Law Firms

A guide to considerations lawyers and law firms should make to protect against cyber attacks.

By Steven S. McNew and Preston Fischer – December 8, 2016

Cyberattacks have evolved from a rare occurrence to a daily risk. Moreover, these incidents seem to be cyclical; when one breach is disclosed, a rash of similar incidents follows. Often, cyberattacks migrate from one “target” industry to another, and again a rash follows. Faced with the certainty that cyberattacks will only rise, the private sector would do well to ask, “Who’s next?”

“Law firms are the next big cycle target,” said Bob Anderson, former national security executive with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and leader of Navigant’s Information Security practice. “The Panama Papers were not the beginning and not close to the end. Breaches across the legal industry will continue to interrupt deals, litigation, and, most concerning for them, reputation.”

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