March 29, 2012 Articles

Working With Forensic Accountants to Control Litigation Costs

Use the "phase" approach to keep your costs from spiraling out of control.

By Don R. Bays – March 29, 2012

Gil and Doug had a lucrative partnership selling dental supplies. They made a lot of money. Unfortunately, Gil could have made much more—if he had only known what Doug was doing.

The Operators

Gil was an absentee owner of the Gilbert and Douglas Dental Supply Company, more commonly known in the area as G & D Supply. Gil owned two other companies in another city and spent much of his time overseeing the operations of those two companies. In addition, when he wasn’t spending time at his other businesses, he liked to travel with Mrs. Gil overseas. He didn’t pay too much attention to G & D Supply.

G & D Supply was operated by Doug. Doug also was the chief financial officer of the company and oversaw the popular accounting software package used by G & D Supply. Doug also prepared the bank reconciliations and made the daily bank deposits for the company. He also controlled all checks written and any accounting entries to G & D’s customer ledgers.

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