September 27, 2012 Articles

Cutting Litigation Costs Without Compromising Results

A young lawyer can take several practical steps to save clients money.

By Olivier A. Taillieu – September 27, 2012

In-house lawyers are always under pressure to keep outside legal fees down. And although they are often overworked, they understand that to achieve those desired cost reductions, they need to be more engaged in the litigation process. Ultimately, discussing the suggestions in this article with your in-house contact will help you figure out the best way to keep costs down without creating an unnecessary burden on your client. These suggestions apply to all lawyers, both young and wise. However, young lawyers might feel that addressing these topics only demonstrates their lack of mastery of the law. This is not the case. Time and time again, in-house lawyers emphasize the importance of communication. Have these conversations early and your in-house contact will think you are prepared and considerate.

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