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The Corporate Counsel Committee offers dynamic opportunities for in-house and outside counsel to discuss and promote cutting-edge solutions and best practices on issues of concern to both – substantive, process and litigation management issues, as well as in-house-outside counsel relationships. The committee has led the profession in focusing on methods of controlling the costs of corporate litigation through the study of innovative billing and budgeting techniques, imaginative litigation management methods, effective and efficient use of cutting-edge litigation technology, and alternatives to litigation. It also focuses on corporate compliance and preventative law, investigations, and a variety of substantive topics of interest to its members.

Message from the Chairs

Welcome to the Corporate Counsel Committee’s webpage. Our committee is composed of both in-house and outside counsel, and our focus is on the unique needs of these lawyers who represent corporations. The committee seeks to keep our members abreast of the changes in law and regulations and trends that affect our in-house clients, to provide a forum where in-house and outside lawyers can have an open dialogue that results in best practices for litigation management, and to lead the profession in finding solutions to various professional issues. The committee has been active for over 30 years and is unique in providing a forum where these issues and potential solutions can be discussed candidly among in-house and outside counsel.

To this end, the committee puts on an annual CLE seminar in February where we present, among others, two very exciting programs: The General Counsel Forum and the Litigation Roundtable. At the General Counsel Forum, general counsel share issues and concerns, explore innovative methods for controlling costs and risks, and discuss what they expect (but sometimes do not get) from their outside lawyers. The Litigation Roundtable provides an opportunity for in-house and outside lawyers to interact and brainstorm about best practices and how they can best work together. These two programs are just a part of the Corporate Counsel CLE Seminar, which also includes our annual Pro Bono Award, with which we recognize a corporate legal department that has performed outstanding work in the pro bono arena—our 2019 award recipient was AT&T, Inc., and our award recipient 2020 was Eli Lilly. The 2021 recipient is yet to be announced.

Our 2021 seminar, which will be virtual, is planned for February 17-19. Register NOW at

Members can also become active in our committee by participating in one of our subcommittees and the many projects we have in the works. One of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to get started is to submit content for our newsletter or website. We also have subcommittees/task forces in the following areas: Enterprise Risk Management; Diversity and Inclusion; Membership and Networking; Pro-Bono; General Programming; and Litigation Management. If you are interested in joining any of our subcommittees or submitting program proposals, newsletter articles, or website content, or if you have ideas on ways we can meet your needs, please contact any of the committee co-chairs.

We look forward to meeting you, hearing from you, and actively addressing your professional needs and the needs of your in-house clients.

— Sean Bosack, Arvin Maskin, William Weinberger, and Joan Archer

Corporate Counsel Committee Cochairs


Our active subcommittees include:

  • Former Chair
  • Advisory
  • General Programming
  • CCC Annual
  • Meeting Planning
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Membership and Networking
  • Pro Bono
  • Publications and Communications
  • Litigation Management

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Committee Leadership

Joan Archer
Sean Bosack
Arvin Maskin
William "Bill" Weinberger

Newsletter Editors
Nina Beck
Paulette Miniter

Ankura Partner

Bernie Woolfley