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Advocating for Change and Thought Leadership as In-House Counsel

By Paulette C. Miniter – March 31, 2021 | An interview with Toyota's Meyling Ly Ortiz reveals that in-house counsel have the power to be thought leaders and change agents with respect to diversity and inclusion.

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Offensive Strategies for Recovering Overpayments on Financial Products

By Jessica E. Loesing – March 31, 2021 | Recovering overpaid funds can be achieved in a cost-neutral manner, effectively generating revenue for the company and removing erroneous risks from the books.

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DOJ Turns Up Heat on No-Poach and Wage-Fixing Agreements

By Allison Reimann, Nina Beck, and Paul Covaleski – April 15, 2021 | Employers must exercise extreme caution when discussing wages and hiring practices with competitors.

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COVID-19: An Employer's Role in Vaccination

By Margaret R. Kurlinski – April 15, 2021 | It is advisable for employers to communicate with their workforce on their proposed strategy and expectations with respect to vaccinations.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Tips for Young Lawyers Making the Move In-House

Learn the core skills that young lawyers should develop to make a successful move from private practice to an in-house legal career, as in-house counsel Katie Kimbrell and Gregg McCormick offer their valuable perspectives. (15:57 min.)

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Social Media and Legal Risk Management

By Arvin Maskin | A company's reputation is arguably its most important asset. Today, companies with established brands and spotless reputations are faced with new challenges in the digital age. Now, one person can threaten a corporation's reputation instantaneously, and thus it is more important than ever to safeguard against these risks. (10:45 min.)

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