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Spoliation of Evidence: The Surest Road to Sanctions

By Matthew C. Plant – December 21, 2018 | An order recently issued by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida in FTC v. Dluca illustrates how sanctions for failure to preserve ESI can be imposed.

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How to Manage Cyber Risks with Insurance

By Joseph M. Saka – January 24, 2019 | When it comes to data breaches, the truism is that it’s not a question of if but when.

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Kimberly-Clark: Integrity Culture and Performance Metrics

By Jeff Melucci and Kurt Drake – January 24, 2019 | K-C employees describe how the company drives an integrity culture through company-wide performance metrics.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Social Media and Legal Risk Management

By Arvin Maskin | A company's reputation is arguably its most important asset. Today, companies with established brands and spotless reputations are faced with new challenges in the digital age. Now, one person can threaten a corporation's reputation instantaneously, and thus it is more important than ever to safeguard against these risks. (10:45 min.)

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Using Private Judges as an ADR Method

By Anthony J. Carriuolo | A brief discussion regarding the alternative dispute resolution method of engaging private judges to adjudicate parties’ disputes, and comparing the pros and cons of traditional court practices or arbitration. (7:44 min.)

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