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The Consumer Litigation Committee focuses on the rights of consumers and on issues relevant to businesses whose operations implicate or are impacted by the statutory and common law rights of consumers. The topics that are within the ambit of the Consumer Litigation Committee include consumer credit rights, marketing and advertising regulations and restrictions, mortgage and foreclosure transactions, and privacy and information security rights and remedies. This committee also follows and reports on procedural aspects of litigating consumer rights issues including arbitration and class actions. It is the goal of the Consumer Litigation Committee to become the preeminent resource for keeping abreast of the latest developments in consumer rights law and for networking with other lawyers who practice in the consumer rights arena.

Message from the Chairs


Welcome to the Consumer Litigation Committee (#ConsumerLit) of the American Bar Association's Section of Litigation. If you are not yet a member of our committee, joining is easy and free with your Section of Litigation membership. Below is a description of the benefits that come with your membership.

Stay Abreast of Current Law

Throughout the year, Consumer Litigation provides its members with many ways to keep on top of the most recent opinions and issues affecting their practice:

Newsletter—Consumer Litigation electronically publishes a semiannual newsletter that contains excellent substantive articles by plaintiffs’ attorneys, defense counsel, and experts, as well as articles for attorneys who may be new to the practice area of consumer litigation.

Practice Points—Consumer Litigation updates its webpages and LinkedIn pages with topical tips for your practice. These tips are especially helpful for attorneys who may be new to consumer litigation.

Roundtables—We know you’re busy, so the Consumer Litigation Committee presents telephonic and Zoom lectures on various topics that you can listen to from your home, your office, or even the beach. And, if you missed one, recordings of past Roundtables will be posted on our web page.

Sound Advice Podcasts—Have even less time? Our Sound Advice podcasts provide quick 5–15 minute discussions on a variety of interesting topics and can be accessed at any time.

These benefits are free to Consumer Litigation Committee members and delivered to your inbox or easily accessed via the committee’s webpage. And, your membership in the Section of Litigation further provides you with discount pricing for many live regional and national CLE programs.

Increase Your Profile with Consumer Litigation’s Speaking, Writing, and Leadership Opportunities

We provide numerous opportunities for our members to raise their profiles and get their names in front of some of the best attorneys and judges in the country. In addition to joining or chairing a subcommittee, we also provide our members with opportunities to author newsletter articles and practice points and speak on Sound Advice podcasts and Roundtable panels as well as at regional meetings and national CLE programs.

The Consumer Litigation Committee’s success is reflective of the time volunteered by its members who have taken advantage of these opportunities, as well as those who have joined subcommittees and accepted leadership roles. Consumer Litigation has a broad spectrum of subcommittees and we hope you will consider joining one of them, or even proposing a new subcommittee you are interested in leading. Joining a subcommittee is an excellent way for new and existing members to not only increase their profile within the bar and gain better insight into particular practice areas, but also demonstrate their leadership skills and meet other members.

Create a Nationwide Network of Colleagues and Friends

Join our LinkedIn group to stay connected and informed about the Consumer Litigation Committee’s articles, events, and upcoming writing and speaking opportunities.

The Consumer Litigation Committee’s live regional and national programs also provide excellent opportunities to get to know other practitioners, judges, experts, and vendors from across the country.

We hope we have enticed you to join the Consumer Litigation Committee or take an active role if you are already a member. If you would like to get more involved by joining or chairing a subcommittee or volunteering to write or speak on consumer-litigation-related topics, please contact us directly.

Donald Pocock
Jason B. Tompkins

Cochairs, Consumer Litigation Committee


Our active subcommittees include:

Member Benefit Subcommittees

The following subcommittees work on an administrative level to improve our committee and members’ experience as well as to deliver timely and relevant information on a variety of topics concerning consumer litigation to our members:

  • Books
  • Membership
  • Newsletter
  • Practice Points
  • Programs
  • Regional Meetings
  • Roundtables
  • SAC Committee Showcase Table
  • Social/Dinners
  • Social Media Editors
  • Sound Advice Podcasts
  • Website Editors
  • Young Lawyers

Substantive Content Subcommittees

The following subcommittees work on an academic level to improve our committee and members’ experience by providing ideas and content to the member benefit subcommittees to ensure that timely and relevant information on a variety of topics concerning consumer litigation is regularly delivered to our members.

  • Arbitration
  • Class Actions
  • Consumer Credit
  • Consumer Finance
  • Consumer Privacy
  • Data Security
  • Diversity Initiative
  • Electronic Transactions
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Insurance
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Mortgages & Foreclosures
  • Sales Practices
  • State Law

Click here to join a subcommittee or contact us for more information about any of the committee’s subcommittees.

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Committee Leadership

Donald Pocock
Jason Tompkins

Web Editor
Ted Seitz

Ankura Partner

Angela Sabbe