Recent Practice Points

For FDCPA Litigators, New Lessons on Standing

By Mark E. Rooney – March 29, 2021 | Whether you represent FDCPA plaintiffs or defendants, recent decisions provide new insight on how standing issues may affect your case.

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Senescence and Sensibility: Will the Supreme Court Mothball the TCPA?

By Michael P. Daly – February 22, 2021 | The TCPA’s autodialing restriction has been read in a way that Congress could not have imagined, let alone intended.

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California's Choice-of-Law Jurisprudence and Its Application to Internet Fraud

By Jonathan Udell – March 19, 2019 | Tracking the genesis of California's choice-of-law analysis, the current state of the law, and how that analysis ought to apply in the relatively new realm of e-commerce cases.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Supreme Court Debates Application of the "Discovery Rule" to FDCPA Limitations Period

In Rotkiske v. Klemm, the Supreme Court is poised to decide whether the FDCPA’s limitations period can be enlarged by the "discovery rule.” The Court’s eventual ruling could have major implications for the FDCPA and beyond. In this Sound Advice, Mark Rooney (Consumer Litigation) and Anna-Rose Mathieson (Appellate Practice) discuss the central issues raised during the Court’s recent oral argument. (9:49 min.)

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Fraudulent Joinder

In this program, Donald Pocock reviews fraudulent joinder, a doctrine developed by federal courts to permit removal of diversity cases where a party (plaintiff or defendant) appears to destroy complete diversity. (12:09 min.)

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