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The Construction Litigation Committee strives to bring together litigators who primarily practice construction law. The committee sponsors programs on various topics at the Annual Meetings of the American Bar Association, the Section of Litigation, and the ABA Forum on the Construction Industry. One of the Section of Litigation’s strongest committees, our membership brings together more than 2,100 construction litigators from diverse backgrounds, levels of experience, practices, and geographical areas. The committee offers its members varied opportunities to participate in committee activities ranging from opportunities to simply attend and network at its programs to the ability to substantively participate by publishing articles for the committee newsletter, contributing web content such as News and Development and Sound Advice, speaking opportunities, and leadership roles as active subcommittee members and chairs. It is our goal to provide our members with valuable content, benefits, and mentoring that will support all aspects of professional growth and development at every stage of their careers.

Message from the Chairs

Content Opportunities
We’re always looking for content beyond presentations and programs. Our latest Sound Advice is "USSC Decision Suggests Any State Rule Requiring Clear and Ambigous Waiver of Jury Trial in Arbitration Provision May Be Pre-empted by the FAA." (A Sound Advice is a pre-recorded 7-12 minute discussion of a topic of interest. Listen to them whenever you like.) If you are interested in presenting a Sound Advice on any construction law topic, simply contact our Social Media Editor, Michael Zicherman

We’re looking for articles too. We have a newsletter coming out soon and are looking forward to our summer edition as well. If there is an article that you would like to share with your fellow Committee members and you’d like to be published, please contact Bob Cox or Eric Sparks.

Finally, the committee also posts Practice Points, articles of 500-750 words providing perspective on a recent case, legislation, or other matter of interest to our members. You can read the most recent Practice Point on “Proposed New Jersey Law Takes Aim at Mandatory Arbitration.” We encourage you to submit a Practice Point by sending it to Bob Cox or Eric Sparks.

Ellen M. Chapelle and Karen Layng
Cochairs, Construction Litigation Committee


Our active subcommittees include:

Courts, In-house Counsel, and Liaison to ABA Forum and ABA Sections Damages, Defects, Scheduling and Experts Green, Sustainability, Regulatory Insurance and Surety Claims Mediation, Arbitration, Alternative Dispute Resolution Membership, Diversity and Outreach Professional Education and Ethics Publications, Website, Social Media

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Committee Leadership


Ellen Chapelle
Karen Layng

Social Media Editor

Michael Zicherman


Brian R. Gaudet