July 15, 2015 Spotlight on Pro Bono

Stout Risius Ross

For years now, the financial advisory firm Stout Risius Ross (SRR) in New York has been applying its financial expertise to pro bono matters. To share its expertise with those individuals and organizations that can derive great benefit from, but are unable to afford, the services it offers, SRR established its Pro Bono Practice many years ago. Over the course of the last year, SRR’s pro bono practice has expanded nationally. Recent engagements include several matters in which SRR served as financial expert in the calculation of lost wages and income for low income workers, development of financial frameworks for not-for-profit organizations to assist in impact analysis, preparation of dashboard analyses for not-for-profits and legal services providers, analysis of survey data and other public information for not-for-profits and legal services organizations, and analysis of economic damages and restitution for victims of human trafficking.

SRR has found that there are many ways in which non-lawyers can apply their financial expertise, forensic accounting, complex data analysis and valuation services in the pro bono setting for the benefit of low income and disadvantaged individuals as well as the organizations that service these communities.  

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