September 07, 2018 Articles

Eight Ways In-House Lawyers Can Make You a Better Trial Lawyer

Taking the initiative to tap in-house counsel’s unique experience and knowledge base can be the difference between winning and losing at trial.

By Michael S. LeBoff

Imagine a member of your trial team has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of your corporate client. He has direct access to the highest-ranking corporate executives. He is an industry expert. He has handled multiple trials for the same client and on similar issues. He has an extensive network of other subject matter experts throughout the country. While this sounds like an ideal addition to any trial team, this person is often right there: the in-house lawyer. Many trial lawyers underutilize the in-house lawyer. They may feel vulnerable asking for help or may not want to cede control outside their firm. Whatever the reason, trial lawyers miss out on key strategy opportunities and information when they overlook an in-house counsel as a critical partner in their case. (Note that the word “expert” is used twice above.) This article identifies eight ways trial lawyers can incorporate in-house counsel for better results at trial.

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