January 30, 2018 Articles

Law Firms and Companies Must Combat Growing Cybersecurity Threats

Basic protective steps to take now

by Robert E. Anderson

Cybersecurity threats are not only happening with greater frequency, they also are increasing in scope and sophistication.

Law firms and companies seeking to protect their data and information need to realize that cyberattacks are no longer limited to the stereotypical hacker on a laptop. International criminal networks and powerful nation-states are now deeply involved in trying to compromise corporate and professional firm computer systems. As a result, the attacks are happening more often, they’re more sophisticated, and they’re causing more damage.

Law firms and businesses need to be more aware of the growing number and sources of cyber threats. They also need to take steps to increase security and better educate their employees on how to avoid falling victim to an attack. The good news is, not all security improvements need to be costly; enhanced employee education and training, and adopting cybersecurity policies and assessment plans can go a long way toward reducing a law firm or company’s vulnerability.

Here is an update on the current cybersecurity landscape and tips on how law firms and companies can reduce their exposure to attacks:

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