November 30, 2018 Articles

How Not to Fail at Trial Because of Your Expert: Getting Started

Some introductory tips on best practices when working with expert witnesses

by Jeffrey D. Gardner and Jimmie W. Pursell Jr.

1. Choose Wisely

Fans of the Indiana Jones movies will recall an infamous scene from The Last Crusade in which the Grail Knight offers the antagonists first chance to drink from the Holy Grail and receive eternal life. The catch? There are many chalices from which to choose but only one Holy Grail. “Choose wisely,” says the Grail Knight. Spoiler alert: The antagonist Nazi drinks from the most ornate golden chalice, then suffers an agonizing death. The Grail Knight observes, “He chose poorly.” Indy, of course, wisely chooses the functional wooden cup of a carpenter. After all, the Grail was crafted by a carpenter.

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