February 29, 2016 Articles

International Forensic Investigations—Cultural Considerations

Part Two of a quick reference guide to differences when conducting investigations outside the United States

by Alexander Walther, Robert Gray, Melissa Ho, and Emma Cecil

Note: This is the second of a three-part series of summary articles from the American Bar Association (ABA) White Collar Crime Subcommittee that will address some of the key issues when offering forensic investigation services that arise in providing services to clients with international operations (or who may be considering an international expansion). Every country has its own unique culture, beliefs, and values. This article will provide a brief look into some of the key cultural issues that arise when conducting an international forensic investigation. The first article can be found here.

As more businesses including public and private companies find that they are required to conduct internal investigations, the number and complexity of internal investigations involving more than one jurisdiction have risen.

Handling internal investigations is a complicated enough matter when you are in familiar territory. Handling an investigation in a foreign country where language and cultural differences, at best, complicate fact gatherings or, at worse, hinder and obfuscate the issues can lead to exceptionally trying experiences.

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