When and Why to Consider Self-Disclosure of Criminal Conduct

By Ariel A. Neuman and Jen C. Won – March 21, 2019 | A white-collar primer for civil litigators.

Five Hot Topics in Health Care Litigation

By Richard K. Rifenbark and Melissa S. Ho – March 21, 2019 | Trends for white-collar practitioners and practical advice for clients.

Practice Points

Disclosing Mistakes: Understanding Model Rule 1.4 and Formal Opinion 481

By Michael S. LeBoff – April 10, 2019 | It is essential to know “what” and “when” you must disclose mistakes to clients.

Tag, You’re It! Bay State Court Finds Personal Jurisdiction Over Non-Residents Served in the State

By Sheridan L. King – February 19, 2019 | The role of transient jurisdiction in Massachusetts courts has now been expressly confirmed.

Kentucky Supreme Court Limits Enforceability of Arbitration Agreements in Employment Contracts

By Simon Svirnovskiy – February 8, 2019 | Court upholds Kentucky statute barring employers from conditioning employment on an agreement to arbitrate.

Contract Boilerplate for Litigators Series

Read our series of articles that discuss various of the “boilerplate” provisions in the back of the contract that litigators typically wrestle with.


Pleading Affirmative Defenses

Phillip J. Block – January 24, 2019 | Affirmative defenses are a vital procedural and substantive tool available to defendants. They are, however, pled as part of a key pleading in each case and should be given the appropriate level of review, scrutiny and legal research as other filings. (3:26 min)

Pro Bono Opportunities

By James D. Abrams – October 16, 2018 | A brief overview of the need for pro bono services and opportunities to provide such services.

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