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Civil Litigators and Employers Must Be Attuned to Shifting Landscape of Criminal Immigration Law

By Zachary H. Greene, Jordan Scott, and Erin E. Steelman – May 5, 2023 | Employers should be mindful that their responsibility for ensuring legal hiring and employment might extend beyond their doorstep.

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Cryptocurrency: Increasing Oversight and Securities Litigations

By Tyler J. Skretny – May 2, 2023 | A regulatory dive into the cryptocurrency space and the recent increase in securities litigations.

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Practice Points

Five Tips for Admitting Electronically Stored Information into Evidence

By Paul M. Kessimian and Kelley J. O’Donnell – July 14, 2023 | Steps to consider early in a case that will help you get electronic evidence in at trial when you need it.

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Sound Advice

Class Actions Proofs of Claim in Bankruptcy

By Daniel White and Giugi Carminati — October 31, 2022 | What if a class has a claim against a company that is in bankruptcy? Daniel White, Partner at Askew & White, talks about the process of class certification when facing a bankruptcy proceeding, common pitfalls of filing a class action proof of claim, and how a class action gets handled in bankruptcy. Dr. Giugi Carminati, VP of Business Development at LexShares, interviews Mr. White. (12:26 min.)

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Litigating the "Impossible Case": Creativity and the Law

By Dan Callahan and Giugi Carminati — October 31, 2022 | Dan Callahan, trial attorney and founder of Callahan Consulting, sits down with Giugi Carminati, Vice President of Business Development at LexShares, a litigation finance company, to discuss litigating impossible cases. From actual repossessions to difficult jurisdictional questions, Dan shares five cases that exemplify "impossible cases" and how thinking outside the box helped him resolve them. (14:07 min.)

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