Life in the Fast Lane: How Delaware’s Rapid Arbitration Act Can Resolve Licensing Disputes

By Travis S. Hunter – March 26, 2020 | Parties should consider incorporating the act in their agreements to resolve disputes in as little as 120 days.

Ten Tips to Get the Most Out of U.S.-Based Business Arbitration

By Conna A. Weiner – March 26, 2020 | Learn how to lead more efficient and productive arbitrations for you and your clients.

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Practice Points

How to Handle the Increased Prevalence of Emojis in Litigation

By Andrew J. Ennis and Catherine A. Green – April 30, 2020 | Be aware of the potential complications emojis pose in interpreting litigation documents.

Are Manufactured Homes Real or Personal Property Under Chapter 13 Bankruptcies? It Depends on Where You Live

By Siobhan Briley – April 27, 2020 | State law determines whether an individual debtor may modify the rights of certain secured creditors in a manufactured home under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Contract Boilerplate for Litigators Series

Read our series of articles that discuss various of the “boilerplate” provisions in the back of the contract that litigators typically wrestle with.


Tips on Advising Commercial Landlords: Is It Worthwhile to Pursue Defaulting Tenants for Unpaid Rent?

In this Sound Advice, Jared Katz discusses six fundamental issues a lawyer advising a commercial landlord should consider when evaluating whether to sue a tenant for a default on a commercial lease.

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