Deal or No Deal: What Is the Likely Effect of Brexit on Key Areas of Dispute Resolution in the U.K.?

By Steven Mash, Victoria Prince and Gerald Brent – July 3 | A how-to manual for navigating the complex road map for arbitration, recognition and enforcement of judgments as withdrawal from the European Union approaches.

The Edge Act: Another Avenue for Removal

By Amanda Lawrence, Scott Sakiyama, and Nancy Turner – July 3, 2019 | A little-known, rarely used statute offers the opportunity for removal of cases involving foreign transactions.

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Practice Points

Tips for Advising a Commercial Landlord: Is it Worthwhile to Pursue a Defaulting Tenant for Unpaid Rent?

By Jared M. Katz – July 29, 2019 | Six questions to ask before filing suit for default on a commercial lease.

Contract Boilerplate for Litigators Series

Read our series of articles that discuss various of the “boilerplate” provisions in the back of the contract that litigators typically wrestle with.


Recent Rulings on Apportionment and the Entire Market Value Rule

By Jennifer Vanderhart | June 19, 2019 In this Sound Advice, Dr. Vanderhart discusses four recent rulings from the court of appeals for the federal circuit that addressed reasonable royalty damages calculations and the need, or not, to apportion in intellectual property cases.

Making Commercial Arbitration Work for Your Client

By Conna Weiner & Kelly Turner – May 21, 2019 | Many litigators and inside counsel are concerned that commercial arbitration in the U.S. is not cost-effective, efficient, predictable or fair. This program will examine the practical, real world differences between litigation and arbitration using empirical data and outline the many steps that counsel and their clients should be taking to get the most of the arbitration process.

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