Insurance for Litigators: Pitfalls to Avoid under Claims-Made-and-Reported Policies

By Jonathan G. Brinson – December 30, 2019 Understanding coverage nuances under claims-made-and-reported policies is crucial—even a one-day delay could be the difference between millions of dollars in coverage and no coverage at all.

Construction Defense 101—It’s All about the Budget

By Robert W. Wilkins – December 30, 2019 | Best practices for defense counsel when working with insurance adjusters in construction cases

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Practice Points

A Quick Guide to Social Media and Litigation

By Andrew J. Ennis and Catherine A. Green – January 17, 2020 | Practitioners should be aware of the potential complications these platforms pose before and during trial.

Electronic Signatures: Not So Fast

By Andrew J. Ennis and Catherine A. Green – December 17, 2019 | Practitioners should be aware of the applicable statutes and downsides to using this technology to sign documents and agreements.

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Contract Boilerplate for Litigators Series

Read our series of articles that discuss various of the “boilerplate” provisions in the back of the contract that litigators typically wrestle with.


Tips on Advising Commercial Landlords: Is It Worthwhile to Pursue Defaulting Tenants for Unpaid Rent?

In this Sound Advice, Jared Katz discusses six fundamental issues a lawyer advising a commercial landlord should consider when evaluating whether to sue a tenant for a default on a commercial lease.

Recent Rulings on Apportionment and the Entire Market Value Rule

By Jennifer Vanderhart | June 19, 2019 In this Sound Advice, Dr. Vanderhart discusses four recent rulings from the court of appeals for the federal circuit that addressed reasonable royalty damages calculations and the need, or not, to apportion in intellectual property cases.

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