Key Strategies to Protect Your Client from a Former Employee

By Mark A. Romance – March 7, 2018

Protecting clients against former employees who take customers and use company information requires quick action to investigate the underlying facts, identify the employer’s legal rights, and create a strategy to pursue claims in court efficiently.

Measures to prevent the misuse of conspiracy theory jurisdiction against non-resident defendants.

Technology, imprecision, and unclear division of responsibility can lead to disaster. Adopting standardized policies and procedures is the key to ensuring that you don’t miss important deadlines.

Legal malpractice claims stemming from a data breach or other cybersecurity event are on the rise and—now more than ever—law firms must be aware of the theories behind the claims and how to avoid them.

Practical tips that may help you avoid some of the more common pitfalls leading to legal malpractice claims.

Can an issuer be sued in Canada if its securities don’t trade on a Canadian exchange? if so, when?

U.S. Supreme Court ruling is a win for privacy…or is it?

What best practices can a lawyer use to avoid privilege problems when representing multiple clients in an engagement?

Five areas for consideration and focus.

Why should you attend SAC 2018? Six tips to maximize your time and get the most out of the conference.

Understanding the Ninth Circuit’s decision in the Hyundai and Kia litigation, and what it may mean for other class action settlements.

The Commercial & Business Litigation Committee leaders offer their personal professional resolutions for the new year.

This Sound Advice will provide valuable tips for how to use ADR skills to resolve disputes in business agreements.


Sleep and Your Health

By Luisa Bazan
Lack of sleep could be causing depression, memory problems, and fatigue. Find out how much you need.

The law governing the disputes that arise among the owners of small, closely held or family businesses is complex; the facts are rarely simple, and the ethical obligations imposed on attorneys who wade in to resolve these cases can present an unpleasant surprise. This “nuts and bolts” program will provide young lawyers a high-level review of issues they should know about before jumping into the fray.

Are you a young litigator navigating the labyrinth of attorney-client privilege and work product issues or an experienced litigator looking for a refresher? Listen to this Roundtable discussion to leverage the experience of three seasoned litigators.

This Roundtable will focus on and explore various ethical implications related to a lawyer's use of the internet and social media for practice development purposes as well as during active case discovery and trial. (47:16 min)

A model for litigation groups serving victims of domestic violence.

The battle against sexual orientation discrimination continues.

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