August 28, 2014 Articles

How to Be a Better Class Action (Defense) Lawyer

Move to the head of the class by learning the steps that lead to class action mastery.

By Donald R. Frederico

Class action defense work is not for everyone. Just as most lawyers don’t want to be trial lawyers, most trial lawyers don’t want to be class action defense lawyers. The disadvantages to doing class action work are many. Class actions are rarely sexy, they hardly ever go to trial, they require a familiarity with some ever-changing and often arcane case law, and they can be unwieldy. And sometimes your friends and family just don’t understand why you would choose to be on the defense side of the cases.

Despite these disincentives, in 1997, after years of litigating and trying cases that were not class actions, I decided to focus my practice on class action defense. I had several motivations, all of which still pertain:

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