August 28, 2014 Articles

Class Actions 101: What Every Solo Practitioner Needs to Know

Your clients rely on you for answers. You need to have them. We're here to help.

By Jocelyn D. Larkin and Andrew J. McGuinness

Maybe you became a solo practitioner because you were fed up with Big Law culture. Maybe you wanted to represent individuals and small businesses in your community, instead of multinational mega-corporations. Maybe you just wanted to keep the overhead down, come to work in shorts, and leave time for your favorite hobby. Way to go.

So why in the world would you need (or want) to know anything about class actions? Well, because class actions are ubiquitous and they affect you and your clients every day. Your clients rely on you for answers and you need to have them.

We’re here to help. If you’re looking for a comprehensive survey of class action rules and case law, this isn’t it. Instead, this primer is what we would tell you if you took us out for coffee to talk class actions. Think latte in a jargon-free zone. Don’t worry if complex civil procedure is a distant memory—we’ll start at the beginning.

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