A Road Map to the Upcoming Rule 23 Amendments

By Jonathan H. Beemer – July 23, 2018

Four core amendments address class notice, "frontloading" class notice, final settlement approvals, and professional objectors.

Recent cases both clarify and raise new questions.

There appears to be growing support for either court-imposed or legislative rules requiring disclosure of litigation funding agreements in class actions.

An understanding of how recent decisions have cabined this analysis to specific scenarios can help guide both pleading and defense strategies.

The case confirms the obsolescence of earlier case law propounding the application of a less stringent burden to plaintiffs’ expert evidence at class certification.

The court’s discussion in Hodsdon v. Mars, Inc. highlights a key area of potential uncertainty that may affect many consumer class actions.

The case arises from allegations that the tech giant violated its users’ privacy rights by disclosing their search terms to other websites.

The ruling comes in Epic Systems v. Lewis.

The Scott decision is a departure from the rule in the Third Circuit, which recognizes a presumption of timeliness for intervention motions filed by class members before the opt-out deadline.



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