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Civil Rights Litigation


Learn while you’re on the go. Access the Civil Rights Litigation Committee’s recordings on this archive page.

Sound Advice

Legal Implications of the #MeToo Movement
Elizabeth Saylor, employment law expert who has litigated many sexual harassment cases, discusses the legal effects of the #MeToo movement. (38:46 min.)

Getting a Job in Public Service
Lambda Legal attorney Nancy Marcus describes how her career path led her to Lambda Legal and provides advice for younger lawyers seeking jobs in public interest law. (9:37 min.)

Simplifying Motions For Summary Judgment in Discrimination Cases
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has simplified the standard of review on motions for summary judgment in discrimination cases. Learn how to use the new standard to your advantage. (15:10 min.)

Criminal Justice Reform in New Orleans: A Conversation with Jon Wool of the Vera Institute
Civil Rights Litigation Committee cochair Dalton Courson interviews Jon Wool of the Vera Institute. They discuss Vera's efforts to reduce incarceration and reform New Orleans's criminal justice system. Wool also provides recommendations for law students and young lawyers interested in criminal justice reform work. (14:33 min.)

Top Tips for Obtaining Jobs in the Public Sector
Professional career advice for law students and young lawyers interested in the public sector. Recorded at the Equal Justice Works Career Fair and Conference. (7:20 min.)

The Role of Mentoring in the Civil Rights Field
Civil rights attorneys Jasmyn Richardson and Karen Short describe the importance of mentoring in their career development, both as a mentor and as a mentee. (11:57 min)

Top Tips for Obtaining a Job in the Public Sector for Law Students and Young Attorneys
Working in the public sector is rewarding in many ways. Public sector lawyer Jasmyn Richardson lays out her top tips for landing such a job. (11:02 min)

A Review of Voting-Rights Cases in Ohio
Over the last decade, Ohio has had several large cases regarding voting rights. Professor Dan Tokaji outlines the key points of each case. (20:29 min)

Transgender Protections Against Employment Discrimination - Part I
Nancy Marcus highlights three recent developments regarding transgender rights that may impact employment discrimination cases across the country. (10:10 min)

Transgender Protections Against Employment Discrimination - Part II
Nancy Marcus highlights three recent developments regarding transgender rights that may impact employment discrimination cases across the country. (11:07 min)

Upcoming Supreme Court Challenges to Same Sex Couples
Listen as Haley Gorenberg outlines upcoming challenges for same-sex couples in the Supreme Court. (5:58 min)

The Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA)
Representing veterans can create unique issues. Janet Totter outlines the specifics of the SCRA and who is covered. (11:06 min)

Appellate Jurisdiction
Learn how to get your case into the court of appeals before final judgment as the multiple categories of appellate jurisdiction are explained. (11:27 min.)

Tips for Representing Claimants Before the Social Security Administration
Most organizations have specific cultures and processes.  Listen as Larry Baline, former senior attorney for the Social Security Administration, explains the ins and outs of representing clients before the Social Security Administration – including the five step process to be awarded social security benefits. (10:06 min)

Representing a Grandparent Petitioning for Visitation Rights
Carla-Michelle Adams outlines the criteria that are examined by the courts when determining whether to grant grandparents visitation rights for their underage grandchildren. (7:59 min.)

Lessons from Juvenile Clients
By Brent Pattison and Lori Bullock
Listen as Professor Brent Pattison and current law student and former foster-care child Lori Bullock discuss three critiques of legal representation brought forth by young people who are in the child-welfare system. (7:56 min)

Hidden Victimization of Foster Children
Learn from Ira Lustbader how you can help to end this national disgrace. (16:01 min)


The information on “Sound Advice” is for discussion purposes only and does not reflect the opinions of the ABA. The information is not legal advice nor a substitute for legal counsel.