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SCOTUS Sharply Limits Bivens Claims—and Hints at Further Retrenchment

By Cassandra Robertson – April 14, 2020 | The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Hernandez v. Mesa raises significant questions about the future of civil-rights remedies against federal officials.

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Finally, Some Good News: New Support for Treating Interpersonal Violence as Actionable under Title IX

By Kimberly M. Hult and Lauren E. Groth – July 27, 2020 | At least two courts and the Department of Education have concluded that cases involving dating violence fall squarely within Title IX’s reach.

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Does Shackling Incarcerated Women During Childbirth Violate the Eighth Amendment?

By Nakea Barksdale – April 27, 2020 | Use of restraints on pregnant women is still a common practice within the U.S. criminal justice system.

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Sound Advice Podcasts

Legal Implications of the #MeToo Movement

Elizabeth Saylor, employment law expert who has litigated many sexual harassment cases, discusses the legal effects of the #MeToo movement. (38:46 min.)

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Getting a Job in Public Service

Lambda Legal attorney Nancy Marcus describes how her career path led her to Lambda Legal and provides advice for younger lawyers seeking jobs in public interest law. (09:37 min.)

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