Recent Practice Points

Will Supreme Court Provide Much-Needed Clarity on Scope of Title VII Protections?

By Kathryn Hinton – January 14, 2019 | A significant open question in Title VII jurisprudence may finally be answered once and for all.

SCOTUS Addresses Numerosity under ADEA

By Sanford Hausler – November 9, 2018 | The U.S. Supreme Court issued its first decision in the 2018 term in Mount Lebanon Fire District v. Guido.


Due Process and Denaturalization

By Cassandra Burke Robertson and Irina D. Manta – January 14, 2019 | Naturalized citizens risk losing their citizenship without the ability to provide any defense at all.

Employee Email and Social Media: What Is Protected Concerted Activity under the Law?

By Jennifer Holly - December 3, 2018 | Employers must be careful before they discipline employees for comments they post on social media or through email streams, even when those comments contain vulgar and shocking language.

Sound Advice Podcasts

Legal Implications of the #MeToo Movement

Elizabeth Saylor, employment law expert who has litigated many sexual harassment cases, discusses the legal effects of the #MeToo movement. (38:46 min.)

Getting a Job in Public Service

Lambda Legal attorney Nancy Marcus describes how her career path led her to Lambda Legal and provides advice for younger lawyers seeking jobs in public interest law. (09:37 min.)

Civil Rights Litigation

Learn how to get involved with the Civil Rights Litigation Committee and maximize your Section membership!