March 20, 2020 Practice Points

Making an Emergency Plan with Transition Age Youth in Foster Care During a National Crisis

A few offerings to assist you in advocating for your child clients’ continued education and supporting foster parents.

By Cathy Krebs

We are monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation as it relates to law and litigation. Find more resources and articles on our COVID-19 portal. For the duration of the crisis, all coronavirus-related articles are outside the Section of Litigation paywall and available to all readers.

The Youth Law Center has created the resource “Making an Emergency Plan with Transition Age Youth in Foster Care: A Checklist for Dependency Attorneys, Youth Providers, and Advocates.” The checklist includes a thorough list of fleshed out topics that lawyers need to be talking to their clients about, such as health, housing, food security, parenting, school, employment, technology, utilities, and staying connected. Though the resources provided are specific to California, this checklist provides a good starting point for lawyers around the country on how to ensure their client’s needs are met during the current COVID-19 crisis.

For a Pennsylvania specific document, see here.

Cathy Krebs is the director of the Children's Rights Litigation Committee.

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