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July 23, 2018 Practice Point

Five Ways to Get Involved in the Children’s Rights Litigation Committee

By Cathy Krebs
  1. Write for the Children’s Rights Litigation Committee (CRLC) website! The CRLC regularly posts Practice Points. These are short, practical pieces aimed at assisting children’s lawyers in their work. You can write about an idea that you have, or contact us and we’ll give you some ideas to choose from. These are meant to be short and generally only take about 15 to 30 minutes to put together.
  2. Follow CRLC on social media, including Facebook and our committee director on Twitter (@krebs_cathy).
  3. Write for the CRLC newsletter! The newsletter “Children’s Rights” is published quarterly, and we are always looking for topics and/or authors.
  4. Record a podcast! You can record it on your phone and present it as a lecture or partner with someone else for an interview format. This is a simple way to deliver innovative content on a topic of your choice. Committee podcasts can be found here.
  5. Share CRLC content! We have resources on the CRLC website that include articles, practice points, podcasts, webinars, teleconferences, and more! These are free resources designed to help lawyers provide quality legal services to their child clients. Please share these resources with your networks.

If you want to learn more or get started on any of the above ideas, please let us know!

Cathy Krebs is the committee director of the Children's Rights Litigation Committee.

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