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Short Video Clips from the Symposium

Children’s Rights are Human Rights—Overview of the Day
On May 1, 2018 the American Bar Association Section of Litigation Children's Rights Litigation Committee sponsored the symposium "Children's Rights are Human Rights: 20 Years of Fearless Lawyering for Children". This video provides an overview of the work done that day. (6:30 min)

What Does Justice for Children Mean?
Jennifer Rodriguez, the Executive Director of the Youth Law Center, describes the evolution of her thinking on what justice for children means. (3:33 min)
The Rebuttal: Why Children Need Lawyers in Dependency Cases
Casey Trupin from the Raikes Foundation identifies the most common arguments against lawyers for children in child welfare cases and rebuts each one with the most recent research and information. (5:45 min)

Why We Need Fearless Lawyers for Children
Shari Shink, Founder of the Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center, describes the case that inspired her to found the law center and devote decades fighting for justice for children. (3:15 min)

Barber Shop in a Dean’s Office—Effective School Discipline Through Relationship Building
Edwin Desamour, Behavior Specialist and Dean at Stetson Middle School, describes how building relationships allows for effective school discipline and changes lives. (7:02 min)

Using Technology to Change Systems and Support Youth
Sixto Cancel, Founder and CEO of Think of Us, discusses ways to use advanced technology, including artificial intelligence, to create authentic human interaction that helps youth to heal, develop and thrive, and in the process, revolutionizes our systems. (4:01 min)

Is a “Least Restrictive” Placement the Best We Can Do for Our Children?
The law requires that children are placed in the least restrictive setting in juvenile justice, education and dependency cases, but in this video Jennifer Rodriguez, director of the Youth Law Center, argues that it would be better for children and youth, and for the community, if we placed them in a setting that is "most connected". (4:33 min)

The Power of Youth Voice in Systems Change
Shéár Avory, a National Social Justice Advocate, discusses the power of youth voice and leadership in the work of changing our systems to be more responsive to the needs of the children those systems are designed to serve. (8:09 min)

What if We Partnered with Youth to Change the Policies that Shape Their Lives?
Yorri Berry-Harris, Director of Youth Engagement at the National Network for Youth, discusses the benefits of partnering with youth as we work on policy reform. (7:42 min)

Videos of Full Sessions from the Day

Welcome to the Day: Children’s Rights are Human Rights
In this video Shari Shink tells the story of what inspired her to embark on a 40-year career fighting for the rights of children in the foster care system---and what makes her hopeful about the future of this field. (8:18 min)

Where Have We Been and How Does that Inform Where We are Going?
In this video Tony DeMarco and Frank Cervone take us through some of the landmark decisions and developments in children’s rights litigation over the last 20 years with commentary about the lessons learned and implications for today and tomorrow. (27:52 min)

What if Kids Had an Effective Right to Counsel in All Proceedings that Affected Their Basic Rights?
The panelists in this video discuss the important role that lawyers play in ensuring children’s legal rights from tired and true arguments to specific scenarios where counsel is critical to survival. (1 hour, 11 min)

What if We Didn’t Separate Families but Instead Families Came First?
What if we changed the paradigm so that family was not viewed as the problem but instead as the solution? Panelists explore this question, including how to overcome the challenges that keep children away from their families. (1 hr, 11 min)

Targeted Laser Session: Planning the Long-Term Legislative Agenda for Children
Heidi McIntosh, Deputy Director of Programs at the National Association of Social Workers, provides a window into the legislative channels and mechanisms that can be accessed to effect systemic change for children in the legal system. (11:52 min)

What if Kids Were Placed in the Least Restrictive Setting?
In this video our panel challenges the audience to radically reimagine the foster care system by using the good laws and innovative ideas we have to ensure children are placed not just in the least restrictive setting, but in the most connected setting. (1 hr, 4 min)

What if We Treated Kids Like Kids?
In this video our esteemed panel talks about how we can develop better, more creative solutions and alternative approaches when we factor in the child’s voice, their developmental needs and the trauma they have experienced. (1 hr, 14 min)

Targeted Laser Session: What if the Youth Drove the Policy that Shaped Their Lives
Yorri Berry-Harris and Shéár Avory bring the voice of youth to the symposium and reinforce the need to partner with you and bring their experience and guidance to the work of systems and policy change. (15:12 min)

Fearless Lawyers for Children: The Work Continues
Angela Vigil recaps an inspiring and enlightening day of discussions with a call to action and renewed efforts in areas of critical need for system-involved youth. (12:05 min)